How To Create A Quiz That Doesn’t Suck
Kyle Kyle
Content Writing
February 22,2016

How To Create A Quiz That Doesn’t Suck

When done well, a quiz can be an incredibly successful piece of content for a website. The fun and interactive format makes a quiz inherently more shareable and more engaging than many other kinds of content.

But you can’t just plug in a few questions and then hope for the best. Let’s talk about how to create a quiz that hooks people in and tempts them to share their outcome on social media.

Type And Intention

Apart from just ‘having fun’ and ‘beating boredom’, what do you want people to achieve by taking your quiz? This depends largely on the format you are using, and there are typically 2 formats to choose between:

With a graded quiz, the most common intention is to make the reader feel smart OR let them have a laugh about how smart they aren’t. An outcome quiz, on the other hand, will most likely be aimed at making your reader feel unique; they are a special snowflake and their quiz outcome proves it.

Once you’ve determined your quiz’s intention, you can then ensure each question you add contributes to this goal and that your outcomes are satisfying.

Length And Tone

It can be tricky to work out the right length for your quiz. You need to find a balance between keeping it short enough so people don’t get bored yet long enough so they feel they’ve answered enough questions to get an accurate outcome.

We generally find that 10 questions is a good equilibrium – and this number also makes it easier to determine your outcome brackets for graded quizzes! Of course, there are circumstances where going longer or shorter is appropriate. You just need to consider your audience and intention when making this decision.

Think about your audience once again when determining the tone of your questions and answers. Will your readers enjoy longer questions with lots of personality? Or would they prefer plain questions that keep things short and sweet? To craft a quiz that merges brevity with engagement, look for simple ways to inject some humour into your copy, but avoid throwing in any words that don’t add anything.


The large majority of successful quizzes are heavily visual. There are 4 main ways you can consider using images (or even animated GIFs):

  • As a background to your quiz
  • Alongside a question as a feature image
  • As an answer option
  • As an outcome image.
Images as answers
Use images as answers to keep things visual
Image as outcome
Use images or GIFs to make your quiz outcomes more shareable

It’s great to use a combination of these to keep your quiz exciting and visual. Having a background image and outcome images is particularly vital for creating an engaging experience.

Depending on your industry and quiz topic, there will obviously be other nuances to take into account while making your quiz. But whatever your specifics are, these general guidelines should give you a great head start towards creating a quiz that connects with people and gets some shares!

Of course, you could always just rely on one of content writers to put your quiz together. Get in touch if this lazy clever approach sounds good to you.

Content Writing
February 22,2016

Author: Kyle

Kyle loves writing and editing content, which is fortunate since he's our Head of Content. He particularly likes creating infographics and interactive quizzes, but he’ll take whatever he’s given to be honest. After working across a range of industries for an eclectic collection of clients, Kyle is an expert in sounding like an expert. He also likes to play tennis and sing, but he'll never get paid to do either of these things.

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