The House of Content: Where Do You Stand On Content Strategy?
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August 2,2013

The House of Content: Where Do You Stand On Content Strategy?

If content was a monarch, sitting upon a throne of 1’s and 0’s and demanding the lesser denizens of the internet provinces bow down to his ultimate influence, a clued up Google Jester might balk at the order and demand to know why. Why has King Content prevailed in an algorithm Game of Thrones and why does it continue to hold onto its seat, war-weary but wily against its SEO detractors and buzz-word spin doctors? Search Factory stands in the royal court of content supporters, armed and ready to defend the power of a well-strung sentence against black hat insurgents, but we do not follow feebly or blindly.

Content Wants You!

Witty words and streaming video opens the door of accessibility, seducing online migrants to stay a while and explore what the service has to offer, converting cynics into citizens and spreading the word. If you’re a bit slow to snap up a metaphor, migrants or citizens refer to online traffic, the pulse of any website. Without people, real live people you’ll possibly never meet, your website becomes a wilderness of tumbleweed incentives and decrepit landing pages, serving no purpose beyond URL residence. If you’re not quite ready to contract a company to develop content for you, steps can be taken now to minimise work down the track – ask yourself, what are you good at?

Are you a budding word master, able to entertain, educate and engage?
Do you have an interest in videos or a public for public speaking?
Maybe you’re a whizz with Photoshop?
Do you harbour cartooning talents to tickle even the most serious searcher?

Play to your strengths. Vlogs (or video blogs), written articles, self promotion, artistic infographics or progression photography will all empower your page to make the best impression possible. Content isn’t just words (obviously, these help), but informative data for potential citizens to consume and thus engage in a meaningful way.

Respect My Authority!

Google’s Landing boasts many intrigues and clandestine plots, with King Content favouring those who pursue the politics of authoritative pages. Content writers are geographers, historians, travel guides, adventurers, empaths, counselors and confidantes. We occupy the role of a teacher and best buddy, informing and expanding your skill or knowledge base with new information, imparting different ways to develop yourself or your perceptions of the world. Basically, content writers have the pow-ahhhh. Jokes aside, if a website updates its material regularly with well researched and presented information, Google starts to attribute authority to those pages.  Author authority and content authority are closely entwined ; if you want to scale the Content Wall, you will have to buy into Google Plus.

Show Me The Money!

King Content isn’t greedy, in fact, the tithes he collects from your soon to be citizens will be passed directly onto your bottom line – an altruistic monarch indeed! Combining raw content (word, video, infographics) etc, with a well planned strategy will bring in the bucks over time. Wait, what, strategy? If Content is King, Content Strategy is Queen, directing and targeting the whims of raw data at a specific audience. Producing content is great, especially when you’ve committed to regular development; vagabond content, or content that treks around aimlessly, designed only to attract the attention of Overlord Google won’t do you any favours.
Before rushing to the drawing board, take out a ream of Butchers Paper and answer the following questions:

  • What is the goal of your site?
  • Do you have a social media presence?
  • What relationship do you want to build with your visitors?
  • What are your key messages?
  • What are the perceived needs, wants and desires of your audience?

Unsure of your answers? Relax, it’s a-okay. All will be revealed!

Wait, what? Stay tuned for the next content post, where we delve deeper into the underbelly of King Content and discern the mysteries of your website together.

Content Writing
August 2,2013
Guest Author

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