Why Writers are the Most Multi-Dimensional People You’ll Ever Meet
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August 22,2014

Why Writers are the Most Multi-Dimensional People You’ll Ever Meet

When you grow up, what do you want to be? Vet! Astronaut! Rock star! Rodeo clown!

Well children, these are all valid, admirable career choices. Where would the world be without rodeo clowns, after all? But what if I told you there was an occupation that allowed you to take on many different roles? A job that prompted you to delve into a number of worlds, explore unique concepts and assume new identities on a daily basis?

No, NOT acting. The other one. That’s right, I’m talking about the humble writing profession. There’s a lot more to being a writer than stringing a few sentences together, moaning about writer’s block and being a Grammar Nazi. Writers tend to don a variety of hats – or masks if you like – that give them the ability to communicate effectively and engage with readers. Here are just a few of our identities or secondary jobs:


Maths, English, Science, Economics, Art, Physical Education – teachers teach their students plenty of things. They are fountains of knowledge. You know what else provides information? Books. And the Internet. Both of which are filled with words. Written by writers. You get the gist.


Have you ever read an article, blog or book where the writer sounds like a friend of yours, or even someone you’d like to be friends with? No? Gee, that’s too bad.


We’ve all heard of Agony Aunts, the columnists who dish out advice to hapless or lost souls. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, you can receive advice about sex, love, friendships, fears, disappointment and grief from thousands of blogs and writers around the world.


Read this fabulous blog and transform your life! Be entertained and dazzled by the words before you! Look past this terrible sales copy and subscribe forever! Exclamation points galore!!! In reality, sales copy doesn’t have to be aggressive and obnoxious. It does, however, require a writer to be innovative, persuasive and perhaps even a little witty.


Sure, this one’s a bit obvious. There may be no campfire, but writers tell stories through their prose, transporting readers to different points in time, countries, and even worlds. C’est magnifique!

After reading this post, you may look at your writer friends or colleagues a little differently. You may even look at yourself a little differently if you’re a writer. No, no, you don’t have split personalities. Put down that straitjacket. You’re just a well-rounded individual with a lot to give!


Content Writing
August 22,2014
Guest Author

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