5 Tips to Improve Your eDM Engagement
Natasha Rothnagel Natasha Rothnagel
Digital Marketing
May 15,2018

5 Tips to Improve Your eDM Engagement

Electronic Direct Mail (eDM) is a cost-effective medium that is often underused in the digital marketing world. With email, you can foster the relationship between business and customer, keep them up to date, educate them on what your brand is all about, and promote your products and services.

eDM can certainly be an effective marketing tool, though it can be tricky to get right. No one wants to wake to a bunch of spam-like emails in their inbox, regardless of whether they signed up to receive them or not.

To make your eDM stand out from the crowd of email subscriptions sitting in your readers’ inbox, it needs to command their attention and have them thinking wow, I don’t want to miss out on receiving these! – or something to that effect (the enthusiasm on receiving emails may differ in real life). Take the necessary steps to improve your eDM engagement with your audience, so they’re more likely to stick around for the long-haul.


1. Segment Your Email Lists

People love to receive emails that are more personalised or tailored to them specifically. By segmenting your email lists into smaller groups, you can focus on sending particular emails to relevant customers, and show them content they’re more likely to be interested in. There’s no limit on how you can break up your lists. They could be segmented by:

  • New and returning customers
  • Age demographic or gender
  • Where they live
  • Buying habits
  • General interests.

The more information you receive on your customers when they initially sign up (as well as afterwards), the more specific you can make your segmented lists.


2. Consider the Delivery Times

Sending email concept

The majority of people have emails linked to their phone, so they can access their inbox at any time of the day. Although, people will open certain emails at different times. This brings email delivery time into any strategy – synchronising your content with the time of day people want to read it.

Delivery times are important because they affect the likelihood of a customer actually taking the time to read through an email. The optimal delivery time will vary depending on the kind of content you want to send, the type of industry and of course the audience demographic.

For example, those in retail or entertainment might be best doing an email blast on a Friday before the weekend hits, whereas emails sent first thing on a weekday have a higher chance of being opened straight away by office workers.


3. Write Engaging Subject Lines

A catchy title is key to increasing the click rate on emails and cultivating engagement with your subscribers. An excellent subject line can be achieved with many different approaches:

  • Naming a special offer
  • Personalising it to their interests
  • One that raises curiosity
  • One with a sense of urgency
  • Having relevance to trending topics.

If appropriate, using humour in the title is another simple way to grab the recipient’s attention. It is key for your email to delight, benefit, or make the reader feel special by receiving it.


4. Ensure Emails Are Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendly emails concept

As mobiles become even more popular as a platform for reading emails, a mobile-friendly template is now a must for eDM marketing; otherwise you risk losing your subscribers due to content that’s difficult to read. Don’t forget to check how your email layout looks on all devices before sending it out to your subscribers.


5. Have a Clear Call to Action

Your call to action (CTA) should be the shining star of your email. It must always immediately catch the reader’s eye and be easy to click on. A CTA should include actionable text such as “Click Here for Your Free Trial” to make the message clear to the reader.

Using clickable, bright buttons for a CTA has been found to be effective for conversion rates. To have the CTA stand out in an email, remember to leave space around it and keep it concise, while being visually appealing and easy to comprehend.


By putting in the effort to improve your eDM engagement and cultivate the relationship with your subscribers, you can increase your email click-through rate and drive meaningful traffic to your website.

Digital Marketing
May 15,2018
Natasha Rothnagel

Author: Natasha Rothnagel

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