A Day In The Life Of A Business Development Manager
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March 29,2016

A Day In The Life Of A Business Development Manager


I wake up knowing that the plan was to go for a run this morning. I make every effort to get out of bed and go look to see what the weather is like. I’m secretly hoping it might just be raining, as that would be the perfect excuse for another hour in bed. Sadly, it’s not raining, so time to rise and shine.


Finally getting into activewear and equipped with phone and earphones – it’s time to get moving.


I make it back home after an exhausting yet rewarding morning cardio session. Now I have more energy to kick-start my day!


Into the morning ritual. This includes getting ready and having breakfast. The most important thing here is definitely breakfast. This ALWAYS consists of poached eggs with avo and spinach on toast. Having my breakfast ritual takes priority over getting ready and being presentable every morning.


Leave home and drive to work. It’s not a long drive for me but it’s definitely slow through all of the traffic. This is ok though because it gives me a chance to try and make myself look presentable, possibly putting on makeup at all the red lights.


Made it to work, and although half my face was applied in the car, I don’t look like a drag queen – small win for the morning.


Starting to wonder whether getting up early was such a good idea… I’m getting mildly tired at this stage. Luckily I have a morning meeting with a client in a café which means there’s a caffeine boost coming my way!


Back in the office with about a million phone calls to make – that may sound like an exaggeration but with the amount of time I spend with the phone glued to my ear every day, it doesn’t seem far off.


Time for lunch!! And I’m starving. The vote for lunch today is a short walk down to Chur Burger. I shouldn’t feel guilty having it because I went for a run this morning – right?


Come back from lunch and tackle emails, call clients and new potential clients, and set appointments where needed.


Work through a new client’s website, putting together the analysis and proposal that we will be catching up about tomorrow. I’m a multitasker, so while putting this together I’m still picking up calls, answering emails and gaining insights for client’s proposals from the internal tech teams all at the same time!


WHAT!!! How is it this time already!

I have time for maybe 1-2 more client calls before I have to head off for evening networking in the city.


Time to scoot!! Uber into the city pronto and arrive at the venue for the event.


Made it!! Lots of networking, meeting new people and engaging in panel discussion while I’m tweeting away rapidly as valuable content is being shared.


It surely must be home time. I’m exhausted and only too ready to jump into bed! But there’s still some chatting to be had at the event so it seems I’m not quite done yet.


Ok, now it’s home time and I think everyone left at the event feels the same. We all have work tomorrow, and I have a lot more talking to do this week so it’s definitely rest time.

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Digital Marketing
March 29,2016
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