(eBook) Amazon: Friend or Foe? A Guide for Small Businesses
Jonathon Bullock Jonathon Bullock
Digital Marketing
May 8,2018

(eBook) Amazon: Friend or Foe? A Guide for Small Businesses

Are you wondering if the Amazon invasion is going to affect your business? Or are you considering signing up as a seller in this ever-growing marketplace? Find everything you’ll need to know in our handy (and free!) Amazon eBook.

Our eBook dives into:

  • A brief history of Amazon, to give you some context about the company
  • Amazon as a friend, looking at circumstances where’d you benefit from joining
  • Tips for making the most of Amazon if you do join
  • Amazon as a foe, looking at circumstances where you’re better off fighting
  • Tips for competing against the giant
  • Some closing thoughts around the future of Amazon in Australia (spoiler alert: it’s a very tough thing to predict).

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For any SME involved in retail (via shopfront or online), Amazon stands to completely revolutionise the way you’ll do business. The scale of operations they’ve managed through the US is nothing short of biblical – and their plan is to achieve similar saturation locally.

With the right guidance (and the right Amazon eBook), your business can leverage that growth to your advantage. Our marketing and business analysts have studied the strengths and weaknesses of Amazon’s Australian development, and put together a handy guide to handling this situation. Particularly for delivery or e-commerce business models, you’ll find all your big questions answered.


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Digital Marketing
May 8,2018
Jonathon Bullock

Author: Jonathon Bullock

Jonathon works as Senior Content Executive with Search Factory | iProspect by day, then as a Tutor in QUT's Business School by night. He has worked across a wide range of clients and industries, including both B2B and B2C businesses and strategies.

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