April Fool’s Day 2016: Hits & Misses
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April 4,2016

April Fool’s Day 2016: Hits & Misses

April 1: the day where you trust no one and double check each doorway before walking through. While not an official holiday, April Fool’s Day is the perfect opportunity for brands to let loose (just a little) and see how many people they can dupe with fake products and false announcements. So which brands managed to successfully marry believability and humour on April Fool’s Day?


Mark Zuckerberg Released a Clothing Line

In one of the wittiest pranks of this year’s April’s Fools, creatives Matvey Choudnovsky and Klya Fabrika built a parody website around Mark Zuckerberg’s impending clothing collection for retail super-giant H&M. Mark is almost as famous for his fundamentally normcore style as he is for co-creating a little site called Facebook, so the collection focuses on his signature grey shirt and jeans look. Named the ‘One Less Thing to Think About in the Morning Collection’, the simple nature of the 8-piece collection means that you have more head space each day for helping the community. Even fashion bible Vogue has jumped on board, saying that the collection ‘is not actually a bad idea’. We don’t doubt Silicon Valley agrees with you Vogue.

Google Presented Cardboard Plastic

Playing off the recent hype around virtual reality, Google announced its new product on April 1: Cardboard Plastic. Designed to take out any barriers between you and the real world, the headset aims to combine everything you love about virtual reality and apply it to real reality – resulting in a clear, goggle-like device that looks just a little bit ridiculous. It’s a very tongue-in-cheek campaign that manages to make fun of technology’s future and even features a strangely-compelling video.

Virgin Australia Introduced Kids Class

This joke from Virgin Australia is undoubtedly one of the cutest things to come out of April Fool’s Day this year. The airplane line released a video where it announced the new ‘Kids Class’: an adult-free cabin just for the 900,000+ junior flyers the company welcomes on board each year. The campaign video was shared on the company’s Facebook page and managed to get over 1 million views and almost 10,000 shares thanks to an adorable cast and clever idea. Hopscotch aisles, a teddy bear service and dance-along safety messages are just some of the cute concepts we were introduced to, but sadly will not be seeing on Virgin’s flights anytime soon. However, the airline reassures us they’re dedicated to providing great service to flyers of all ages.


Google’s Mic Drop

In addition to the Cardboard Plastic prank, Google joked about introducing self-driving bicycles to the Netherlands. But what got people really fired up was their other April Fool’s initiative: Gmail’s ‘Mic Drop’ feature. For this, users could choose to ‘Send + Mic Drop’ at the end of an email, sending the message through to the intended recipients and blocking any further responses that came back to you. The best part? Your email was sent with a gif of a minion actually dropping a microphone. However, this caused more headaches than laughs when people accidentally used this feature for professional emails and resulted in Google shutting down the Mic Drop within hours.


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Digital Marketing
April 4,2016
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