5 Brands That Won Christmas in 2015
Kyle Kyle
Digital Marketing
January 4,2016

5 Brands That Won Christmas in 2015

Artificial trees, nativity scenes, family feasts, and a large man wearing the worst possible outfit for a trek across Australia in the middle of summer. Between all the fun and festivities, it’s all too easy to forget what Christmas is really all about…


Well, that’s the case for businesses anyway. When you’re a company, the holiday season is all about selling, selling, and selling. And some brands knocked their Christmas marketing out of the park last year.

To start 2016 with some creative inspiration, let’s look at 5 of the best branded posts from Christmas 2015.

Red Bull

Red Bull - Christmas

This is a shining example of an on-brand Christmas post.

There’s humour. There’s adrenaline. There’s Santa. #Winning.


Edeka - Christmas

Any successful ad should appeal to people’s emotions. It should make us laugh or make us cry. German supermarket chain EDEKA attempted to do both with this brilliant Christmas video.

The ad doesn’t do much to sell the brand (you can just barely recognise that they might be a supermarket), but it really draws in the viewer. Also, it went viral, which is always a plus.


NAB - Christmas

NAB managed to fulfil needs by giving away something for free.

This embodies the selfless spirit of Christmas and the essence of proper content marketing. Double points!

Google’s Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker

Google always delivers something special for the holiday season, but they really outdid themselves in 2015 with the Santa Tracker.

Games to play, videos to watch, free learning resources… there was everything here any parent could need to distract the kids while Santa snuck those presents under the tree!


Burberry - Christmas

This one is a little more branded and advertorial than the average well-received Christmas post. But sometimes this approach works – especially when it’s done in a classy and cute way like this.

What Do You Think?

Did a brand you follow nail Christmas marketing in 2015? Share your thoughts and a link in the comments!

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Digital Marketing
January 4,2016

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