Co-Occurrence & why you MUST use High Quality Content for SEO ‘Link Building’
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January 23,2013

Co-Occurrence & why you MUST use High Quality Content for SEO ‘Link Building’

It has always been important to use high quality content in order to obtain a Guest Post (and a link) on a high quality blog – if you can’t supply high quality content, why would the blogger want to publish your article on their site and then link back to yours?

Content is King

Content is King!

Matt Cutts has been saying it for a long time now – CONTENT IS KING! In 2013, many of the world’s best SEO’s are predicting that high quality, relevant content will be more important than ever before. This is due to the predictions that Google will further de-value anchor text, and put a much stronger focus on co-occurrence. Rand Fishkin recently discussed this in one of his Whiteboard Friday videos (watch it here) and had three great examples of where this is already having a strong influence on rankings.

What is Co-Occurrence?

Some of the most interesting points to come out of this video were about the SEOmoz tool, Open Site Explorer. Open Site Explorer is ranking in position one for the highly competitive term ‘backlink analysis’ without having these keywords in the page title or anywhere on the page! So why where they ranking so well for this highly competitive term for which many sites have great backlink profiles and are actually trying to rank for the term? Co-occurrence. That is, mentioning the brand name or product in close proximity to these keywords, among relevant, high quality content on relevant, high quality sites.

Google is VERY Smart!

Open Site Explorer is ranking very well for ‘backlink analysis’ because whenever someone writes an article on the topic of ‘backlink analysis’, Open Site Explorer is often mentioned as an essential tool. Not all of these articles will link to Open Site Explorer, but Google is getting a lot smarter and can identify the connection – with or without a link!

The Future of SEO

The future if SEO is here!

Co-occurrence and high quality content will be absolute necessities for SEO in 2013 and beyond. More brand names/ products will be mentioned in ‘link building’ articles with important keywords close by and anchor text having less influence. However, this isn’t to say that Google will ignore your anchor text profile altogether and forget about over-optimisation penalties. It will still be important maintain a diversified anchor text profile!

These changes are likely to be here sooner rather than later with many SEO’s predicting a major Google algorithm update, to de-value anchor text and put a stronger focus on co-occurrence, in the first quarter of 2013.

Clients of Search Factory can breathe a sigh of relief! We have always placed a strong focus on using high quality content (thanks to our in-house, Australian team of copywriters!) and we will continue to source only high quality, relevant sites to publish this content.

Bring on the future of SEO!


Digital Marketing
January 23,2013
Michael B

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