Decoded @ iProspect: From Consumer Insights to Commercial Impact

Decoded @ iProspect: From Consumer Insights to Commercial Impact

Jonathon Bullock Jonathon Bullock
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July 24,2019

Decoded @ iProspect: From Consumer Insights to Commercial Impact

On 4 July 2019, some of the best minds in business and marketing converged on the iProspect office to hear from our 4 specialist speakers on all things data. The expert panel gave unique insights into how data has shaped their business growth and revealed their keys for success.

Find out a little more about who was present at our latest Decoded @ iProspect event, and watch all 4 presentations on our blog.


Chris Catchpoole – GM of Digital, Compare The Market

Chris brings a wealth of experience in digital marketing to his role at Compare The Market, and he knows just about every trick in the book for leveraging big data to create clear, actionable insights. His presentation to the Decoded @ iProspect crowd explored best practices of machine learning, taking value out of mistakes, and seeing a clear picture out of endless streams of data.

You can watch his presentation here.


Bharat Tarachandani – Director of Data and Programmatic, iProspect

iProspect’s very own data guru Bharat Tarachandani explains how proper data reporting and understanding the consumer journey can offer real insights with valuable recommendations, which have proven to send goal completions skyrocketing. He also explains how he achieved online-to-offline attribution in one of the industry’s toughest cases – where there’s no e-commerce channels available, nor any trackable in-store purchases.

Find out how he did it in his Decoded @ iProspect presentation.


Rachel Fojtik – Director of Analytics and Performance, Mater Health Services

The crowd was becoming incredibly familiar with the influence of data on business goals and how modern practices can both measure and maximise profits. But what happens when profit doesn’t exist? How do you achieve funding and see through projects when there’s no chance of a financial return on investment because the measurable objectives are saving lives?

Rachel’s stunning glimpse into the world of data and analytics within the medical industry gave our audience a thorough insight into how to achieve executive buy-in when expenses are high and returns aren’t measurable. She explores the best uses of data in her discipline and how streamlining data reporting has contributed to lives being saved.

Watch her fascinating presentation here.


Iva Vidosic – Lead Consultant of Data Products, News Corp Australia

When you host an audience of around half Australia’s population across over 50 media brands and platforms, you’re bound to gather valuable insights into consumer behaviour. As Lead Consultant of News Corp’s News Connect product, Iva explains how they’re able to turn large-scale data into extremely focused audience segments and prove to buyers exactly how their spend has translated into behaviour change.

Learn more about News Connect in Iva’s presentation.

Digital Marketing
July 24,2019
Jonathon Bullock

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