Digital Agencies: A Smart Investment or a Waste of Time?
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Digital Marketing
January 13,2016

Digital Agencies: A Smart Investment or a Waste of Time?

If you were to poll business owners and managers on who should handle a company’s digital marketing, you would probably notice two very distinct camps: those that swear by in-house teams and firm agency advocates. If the time is coming for you to make a decision on which path your business should take, then you’re probably tossing up between those two choices.

Disclaimer: working at a digital agency means I may be slightly biased, but I certainly believe that agencies have a lot to offer organisations across many industries.

The benefits that each company experiences will be different; for example, a large company will use an agency for different reasons than a small business owner – one will rely on an agency more for implementation of large-scale strategies, where the other is more likely to look for help in designing achievable campaigns.

So what are the benefits of using an agency over building an in-house team?

Tap into a collection of expertise and creative minds

Sure, if you’re lucky, you can hire someone in-house who is passionate, competent and creative, and they’ll probably do an amazing job. However, working with an agency is basically like hiring a whole team of those people in one easy go.  Whether it’s brainstorming, incidental ideas or extra networks and connections, your organisation can definitely benefit from having the extra heads and hearts contributing.

Save time

If you’re working for a larger company, choosing one good, comprehensive agency will save you time on briefings, communication and reading reports. If you’re a smaller organisation, outsourcing your digital marketing frees you up to focus your time elsewhere and this is especially helpful if you hold a position with multiple responsibilities.

Save money

Obviously every organisation has a different budget, and an agency won’t always be the most economic option. Many businesses do find it to be a practical investment, though – especially if they aren’t ready to make a more long-term commitment of hiring full-time staff for in-house positions.


Brand consistency is a key element to a successful online strategy – both for large companies and small-medium enterprises. Managing a consistent tone can be a challenge, especially if you are trying to coordinate several parties to move in the same direction.

Too many external fingers in the pie can result in an inconsistent brand voice, which can negate much of what you are trying to achieve. When you work with one agency who handles your digital strategy, you can feel confident that they are all getting a thorough understanding of your brand, letting them communicate that effectively to your target market through campaigns and copy.

When it comes to getting noticed in the digital sphere, you need to have a carefully considered combination of strategy, creativity and analysis. Finding people who excel in every area (especially ones who also have industry knowledge) can be a challenging and futile exercise. But if you choose the right agency for your company, you can enjoy a pool of talented and dedicated professionals who can fill the gaps in your in-house team and help you make strides towards the results you want.

Not sure if it’s time to look into getting help with your online strategies? Check your digital temperature with our quick quiz.

Digital Marketing
January 13,2016

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