Digital Digest #01: What’s Happening This Week In Digital Marketing
Digital Digest #01: What's Happening This Week In Digital Marketing
Jonathon Bullock Jonathon Bullock
Digital Marketing
April 16,2019

Digital Digest #01: What’s Happening This Week In Digital Marketing

Welcome to Digital Digest, where each week, we’ll break down the biggest stories emerging in the world of digital marketing.


Google Launches Cloud for Retail

Google has taken aim at Amazon Web Services, Adobe and IBM in the commerce market with its own Google Cloud service. The main aim of the service is to help retailers deliver personalised recommendations, unify customer experiences across online and offline environments, and plenty more.

Users can also benefit from predictive analytics alongside flexible hosting designed to adapt to seasonal traffic increases. So on those holidays when retailers would be at risk of their website going down due to traffic surges (such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday), they can avoid incapacitation and lost revenue.

Read the full story on Martech Today.


Asos’s Poor Site Migration Triggers Massive Drop in Profits

Asos has blamed heavy discounting and website traffic issues for their 87% drop in pre-tax profits from the 6-month period to 28 February, when compared to the same period 12 months earlier.

But when you dig a little deeper into the story, a lot of these traffic issues can be attributed to a very poor site migration undertaken in 2018. Their aim was to make the site more fluid in different markets and languages, but ended up sinking their organic rankings.

Long story short – never overlook search when you make website changes.

BBC News has more on Asos’s stunning collapse.


Snapchat Takes a Ticket From China’s WeChat

Snapchat is giving its users the ability to play in-app games – without the need for extra downloads or installations. This system has already been spotted in Facebook’s Messenger or Apple’s iMessage services, but the origins of this easy-going gaming system trace back to Chinese social giant WeChat. Much like the others, Snapchat can monetise the system by including short unskippable video ads before the content loads.

As a sign of the market’s trust in Snapchat’s current direction, their share price has doubled since Christmas.

Find out more about Snapchat’s latest in-app gaming system.


Experts Raise The Idea of Microsoft Acquiring Adobe

Since the proud announcement of Microsoft and Adobe’s liaison at the Adobe Summit in March, experts are toying with the idea of a Microsoft takeover. It’s definitely not a farfetched idea – with Microsoft severely lacking in the customer experience sphere, and the potential for Adobe to benefit from MS’s CRM and AI systems.

View the argument for a merger to happen on the CMS Wire website.


Facebook Invests in Video Content Creators

Video Studio

Facebook has invested in a team of 40 people to spot and nurture the best content creators on Instagram’s IGTV video app. With YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and Twitch all competing for the best content creators, the pressure is on platforms to make content as easy to produce as possible. As such, Facebook’s team of 40 can give out studio space, money, or whatever it takes to keep the best content native.

The Verge have more details on Facebook’s video investment plans.


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Digital Marketing
April 16,2019
Jonathon Bullock

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