Digital Digest #02: What’s Happening This Week In Digital Marketing
Digital Digest #02: What's Happening This Week In Digital Marketing
Jonathon Bullock Jonathon Bullock
Digital Marketing
April 23,2019

Digital Digest #02: What’s Happening This Week In Digital Marketing

Foxtel’s GoT war ramps up, Amazon cash in on a free document, and KFC cancels their augmented influencer.

Welcome to Digital Digest, where we break down this week’s biggest stories emerging in the world of digital marketing.


Foxtel Faces Serious Competition for Game of Thrones Viewers

Foxtel's Game of Thrones Battle

When you’re the only broadcaster with the rights to show the world’s most popular TV in the Australian market, you’d think you’re in a strong position. But recent figures show that around half of Australia’s Game of Thrones audience didn’t watch the Season 8 premiere through the subscription network.

Foxtel bragged that almost 1 million people watched the premiere on the day it aired. 1.2 million Australians pirated that same episode.


Foxtel offers ad placements, but for most Foxtel Now users, they watched the entire episode without being served a single ad. With piracy becoming a more accepted solution to content consumption in Australia, how long will it be before businesses buy display ad space on piracy websites?

Globally, the GoT Season 8 premiere was pirated nearly 55 million times.


Publishers Cash In on Free Mueller Report

Publishers Cash in on Mueller Report

The US Justice Department released a free copy of the Mueller Report, which should have been enough to settle some of the world’s Facebook arguments. Instead, what happened was that publishers printed that very same report.

But given Australians have access to free Game of Thrones and still pay over-the-top Foxtel prices for it, you can see where this story is going.

The top-selling book on Amazon is currently a version published by Simon & Schuster’s Scribner, with the inclusion of “related materials by The Washington Post”.

Much to the delight of pure-bred capitalists, a version with a short intro from a Harvard law professor is currently #2 on Amazon. And to really rub salt into the wounds of those confused right now, in third place is a carbon copy of the FREE document.

Moral of the story: If your content is in serious demand, you might as well monetise it with merchandise and pay gates.

You can read more on this bizarre story on the Hustle.


Colonel #Sanders

Colonel #Sanders

KFC has taken a page from literally no one’s marketing playbook and turned their iconic ‘Col. Sanders’ into an augmented Instagram influencer.

That’s right – augmented. Every photo of this fictional favourite is completely computer-generated.

The artificial photos all tie into the campaign concept of the ‘secret recipe for success’, connecting their core brand promise with the slightly snobbish personality of Instagram influencers. It’s even complete with over-the-top supporting copy about this imaginary influencer’s diet, lifestyle, beliefs and philosophies.

It seems like a good idea, but on 23 April, the cartoon Colonel signed off from the KFC Instagram account (for now, at least).

Keen to see what else the Colonel posted? Check out KFC’s Instagram Account.


Walmart Launches Kids’ Clothing Subscription

Walmart Clothes

Walmart has announced a partnership with KIDBOX to offer their online customers a unique, curated clothing collection. Packages can be bought as a one-off or on a subscription with up to 6 boxes a year – tailored to school seasons, weather, etc. With Amazon clearing the US market at a similar rate to the clearance of the actual Amazon Rainforest, this is a clever option for Walmart.

So why don’t these subscription-style e-commerce products exist in the Australian market? Is our brick-and-mortar addiction preventing the adoption of new buying models, or is there a massive opportunity not being exploited?

Read more on how Walmart is putting a subscription on clothing.


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Digital Marketing
April 23,2019
Jonathon Bullock

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