Digital Digest #06: What’s Happening This Week in Digital Marketing
Digital Digest #06: What's Happening This Week in Digital Marketing
Jonathon Bullock Jonathon Bullock
Digital Marketing
June 11,2019

Digital Digest #06: What’s Happening This Week in Digital Marketing

Bing’s legacy on search, Wikipedia is used for the forces of evil, and click frenzy hits fever pitch.

Welcome to this week’s Digital Digest, where we’ll be breaking down what’s happening in the world of digital.


Bing Turns 10, And Yes, You Should Care

Bing Birthday

Mention Bing to most search specialists, and you’ll be met by a familiar yet patronising “oh yeah, Bing”. It’s seen as adorable that it exists, but not important enough to weave into most marketing plans.

What a mistake that is.

Bing might not draw much of Australia’s search traffic (around 3.5% as of May 2019), but it has more value to marketers than just visibility. For anyone looking to test whether site changes or Google algorithm changes are responsible for a drop or rise in rankings, Bing can serve as a fantastic control.

Bing has also been ahead of Google on several key updates. Google released its disavow tool (a way to disavow dodgy, spammy links) several months behind Bing. Their AI-guided ‘intelligent search’ features are as industry-leading as they come. Featured snippets don’t leave you with one perspective – they often compare competing opinions, to present users with a more rounded response to search queries.

Happy birthday, Bing. Your cake deserves to be far bigger than 3.5%.

Search Engine Land has a thorough run-through of Bing’s achievements to date.


The North Face Used Wikipedia’s Search Authority For Evil

The North Face SEO Stunt

Image courtesy of the BBC.

It’s got a touch of genius and a touch of evil about it. Leo Burnett Tailor Made (who manage The North Face’s account) edited the location photos of various world hot-spots with branded photos – featuring The North Face’s product line.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for Wikipedia to work out what was happening and cite them for a clear breach of their guidelines. All the images were taken down, and the SEO community banded together to criticise both Leo Burnett and The North Face for their unethical practices.

But at the end of the day, this whole stunt sent the brand awareness of The North Face skyrocketing. From Leo Burnett’s perspective, this campaign would have hit all the client objectives and could easily be called a success.

AdAge has more on Leo Burnett Tailor Made’s bizarre SEO strategy.


Click Frenzy Lives Up To Its Name

If Click Frenzy wasn’t a part of your digital strategy, it’s seriously worth reconsidering before the November date rolls around. This year achieved a 46% increase in site visits compared to the same two mayhem days of Click Frenzy in 2018. That equates to a staggering tally of 235,400 unique visitors, and well over a million visits.

If your audience is already going to the effort of being present, all you need to do is give them something to buy. (We’ve got some advice for doing exactly this in our guide to preparing for Click Frenzy.)

Get more of the crazy Click Frenzy stats on the hitwise website.


If you’re keen to work Bing into your search strategy, or simply have a Click Frenzy plan ready for November, chat to the experts in all things digital. Reach out to us online and see how your digital marketing strategy can deliver better returns against your business objectives.

Digital Marketing
June 11,2019
Jonathon Bullock

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