Digital News Wrap – March 11, 2016
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Digital Marketing
March 11,2016

Digital News Wrap – March 11, 2016

If you’ve always wished for your digital news to be summed up quickly in one place, then you’re in luck! Read on, friends.

Google Removes Toolbar PageRank

Good riddance to old tools – Google has finally just taken away their outdated PageRank feature. While it will still use PageRank data internally, values displayed in the Toolbar will soon be nothing but a memory.

Extend Your Reactions with Pokémon Browser Extension

If you’re still feeling limited with the reactions on offer with the recent update Facebook made, don’t sweat it – you can now get an extension that offers different reaction packs like Pokémon (awesome), Donald Trump (why, just why?) or even old-school rage faces. Pick your pack carefully!

International Women’s Day Round-Up

It was a big year for IWD – everyone seemed to celebrate in one way or another. We’ve put together a few of the fun – and strong – campaigns from Tuesday.

  • Google’s #OneDayIWill campaign invited women to share their dreams for the future.
  • Emma Watson’s custom emoji that was designed for Twitter – simply type in #HeForShe and the emoji automatically appears.
  • ANZ’s #equalfuture campaign that addressed wage inequality.

Google Flies North With Massive Site Migrations

Ever been confused by the domain names Google used for their blogs? Don’t worry about it too much – John Mueller recently announced the official migration to the much-snazzier sounding domain. The official Webmaster blog is already settled into its new home – if you have a second, go check out the cute post outlining the change!

Facebook Lite is growing like a Weed

The stripped-down version of Facebook has officially overtaken its heavyweight siblings when it comes to growth. Hitting 100 million monthly active users faster than any other Facebook platform, this handy little app is popular for people with slower connections or older models of phones.

Click to Call – Google Experiments with Phone Numbers in Organic Results

Just as they did with ads and local, Google is now testing clickable phone numbers in US organic search results. It will be interesting to see whether this is rolled out as a widespread feature in other locations post-test phase!

Virtual goes Social

It was inevitable, really. Oculus’ Gear VR product is getting Facebook sharing features, as well as a dedicated section for Facebook videos. New social games will also be added in this update, helping merge your social networking account with VR fun.

Each digital news wrap you read brings you one step closer to enlightenment. You’re welcome. 

Digital Marketing
March 11,2016

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