Digital News Wrap – March 18, 2016
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Digital Marketing
March 18,2016

Digital News Wrap – March 18, 2016

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Instagram Made Everyone Sad

If you’ve somehow missed the news shared by outraged ‘Grammers everywhere, Instagram announced this week that they’ll be moving to a new algorithmic post feed. Causing quite the upset, this development shouldn’t result in any posts not being shown – it will merely change the order in which they appear for you.

Seriously not down for this change? You’re not alone. A petition on already has well over 100k supporters in just a couple of days.

Google Shared Some New ‘Best Practice” Guidelines

If you’re link-building using approaches like product reviews from bloggers, listen up. Google has issued some guidelines for you. These are published with the intent to ensure these tactics are both useful for audiences and compliant with Webmaster Guidelines.

The TL;DR version of their post is:

  • Use nofollow tags for appropriate links
  • Be upfront about the company/publisher relationship
  • Create decent content.

This shouldn’t change businesses’ strategies too much if they’ve been doing the right thing, but if you’ve been toeing the line, it’s a nice reminder to make sure you aren’t just adding to the general clutter of the interwebs.

Mobile Will be A Bit More Important Soon

In more Google news, they’ve let the world know that they’re going to start increasing the effect of the mobile responsiveness in their ranking algorithms. The good news is, if your site is already mobile-friendly, you probably won’t even notice the gradual roll-out. If it isn’t, you should probably get on that (like, yesterday).

Check in again next week for the next edition of Search Factory: Digital News Wrap!

Digital Marketing
March 18,2016

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