Digital News Wrap Up – April 1, 2016
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April 1,2016

Digital News Wrap Up – April 1, 2016

This week we’ve hit the jackpot – there’s not only one week worth of exciting digital news, but last week’s Easter holidays mean that we’ve got 14 days’ worth of goodness to cram in. And while we did consider putting in a little April’s Fool prank, we decided you can actually handle the truth (no matter what Tom Cruise says). So what’s been making headlines lately?

Instagram (Sort of) Redeemed Itself

After last week’s heartbreaking news that Instagram would be adding an algorithm to your news feed, everyone’s favourite photo-sharing app has managed to get back into the good books by introducing an update that allows people to increase the length of their video posts from 15 seconds to an opulent 60 seconds. While we’re interested to see how influencers utilise this feature, we’re also excited about the new search bar (so now you can easily find out whether person you met at a party 3 years ago still follows you).  There has been some outcry, but it’s important to remember that Instagram isn’t actually revealing any new information, they’re simply making it more accessible. While only available to a chosen few at the moment, the app will roll these features out to all users in the near future.

YouTube Came Out on Top

A recent study conducted by digital entertainment company Defy Media indicates that YouTube is the preferred content platform for those aged 13-24. The statistics show that the majority of people ‘can’t live without’ YouTube, and they prefer it over subscription programs (such as Netflix) or television channels. This shows the importance of video as a means of engaging consumers, so there’s no wondering why viewing other platforms are adapting to the needs of consumers (see Instagram’s news above). It’s working though, with the report indicating that video viewing is rising on other platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook.

Google Shared Some Algorithm Wisdom

Everyone knows that the Google algorithm is constantly changing and updating regularly to try and make your search experience as enjoyable and effective as possible. The thing is, no one has ever known exactly what factors the algorithm takes into consideration. But thanks to one of the company’s Search Quality Senior Strategists, we are all much the wiser – last week Andrey Lipattsev stated in a Q&A the top two factors that affect your Google ranking are links and content, followed by RankBrain. This is great news for our SEO and content departments, meaning our jobs are still safe (for now)!

Google Adwords is Getting a Makeover

Google announced that it would be rejuvenating its Adwords tool for the first time since 2008. The company will undergo a major redesign process that will be informed by the site’s advertisers, creating a chic new interface that will become more user-friendly and mobile-focused to meet the needs of users. Select advertisers will be invited to trial the program as it happens over 2016 and 2017, but your campaigns will still run the same as before even though the look and feel of Adwords will change.

Facebook is Ballin’

The worlds of sports and digital have crossed over this week thanks to Facebook’s messenger app. In honour of the March Madness college basketball tournament, Facebook messenger has introduced a secret basketball game. To participate, simply send a friend the basketball emoji and tap on said emoji. You’ll then be transferred across to shoot some digital hoops and #ballsohard (we may or may not have had a bit of a play in the name of ‘research’). Your buddy even gets updated of your top score in the messenger feed – huge props to Facebook for bringing us yet another way to procrastinate.

You deserve a cookie for reading all the way down to here. An internet cookie, that is.

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Digital Marketing
April 1,2016
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