Digital Weekly Wrap-up – February 26, 2016
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Digital Marketing
February 26,2016

Digital Weekly Wrap-up – February 26, 2016

It’s been a big week in digital news. Are you across it all?

Your SERPs are a Little Different!

This is possibly the understatement of the year. In news that has pretty much every search professional shifting their thinking a bit, Google has changed the layout of their Search Engine Results Pages. It’s been confirmed that ads on the right-hand side of desktop searches will no longer be a thing and ‘highly commercial keywords’ will likely have a fourth paid result at the top of the page. Heads up – that guy in your office who’s crying in the corner is probably in the SEO department.

Outgoing Links Aren’t the Devil

It’s something everyone has suspected strongly enough to be treated as industry standard in many circles, but some helpful people decided to validate everyone with a fun study. Using made-up words that were brand new to Google as keywords and eliminating as many variables as possible, the research found that sites that link out to high-quality and relevant websites rank better in Google than sites which link out to nothing. Moral of the story: link away (after carefully assessing the site you’re linking out to).

Content Can Actually Generate Revenue

Stop the presses – content creation and distribution is a genuinely worthwhile activity. Of course, that’s been common knowledge for years, but it’s been reaffirmed by media monitoring company Isentia, whose latest financial report shows a pretty decent revenue growth of 22% in the second half of 2015. It acquired Sydney-based King Content last year, which according to figures has been a solid contributor to that growth. What can we say? Content really is king.

What’s Your Reaction to Facebook Reactions?

Please respond to this using only a reaction emoji. Seriously though, after much chat, Facebook has finally released the ‘reaction’ option to the world, letting you go above and beyond the standard ‘Like’ – although if you’re anything like us, it could take a while before that quick-click habit is broken.

While it could be a little messy at first, reactions will let social media marketers delve deeper into how their audiences perceive their brand – and individual content pieces – far beyond a mere acknowledgement of a read. With more than a year of testing behind the change, I guess you could say that the general reaction has been pretty positive. Wow!

Another Step Forward for Digital Storytelling

Outbrain is bringing a new product to the market with targeted remarketing for content pieces. Helping marketers create engaging digital journeys for readers viewing their content, this is a big development for content marketing, especially when you’re creating sequenced stories that are ideally viewed in order.

Our weekly wrap-ups are – you guessed it! – weekly. Come back every Friday afternoon to get your serve of digital news.

Digital Marketing
February 26,2016

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