Digital Weekly Wrap-up – January 22 2016
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Digital Marketing
January 22,2016

Digital Weekly Wrap-up – January 22 2016

Catch up on all the digital news you missed this week!



Paid Search Stats for 2015 Released

Kenshoo has released an infographic which sums up paid search trends in 2015. Some highlights to come out of their research include:

  • Google product listing ads jumped up to 26% of all search ad impressions (up from 8% previous year).
  • Mobile continued to grow – in fact, it again accounted for nearly all of the YoY spending growth in paid search.
  • Social ad spend saw a 50% increase YoY due to higher CPC’s (up 10%). This was primarily driven by the introduction of new ad formats, such as dynamic ads and the wider release of Instagram advertising.

See the full infographic here!



The Countdown to Penguin Update is (still definitely) On

Anyone with an ear to the SEO grapevine has been perched on the edge of their seats waiting for the next Penguin update. Finally, we have a better idea of a timeframe. After this query: “Are we weeks or months away from the aforementioned ‘penguin’ update?” Google’s Gary Illyes responded with “I’ll go with weeks.”

Read more here!

Backlinks and Content are Still Key to Organic Rankings

A recent study has shown a correlation between backlinks and content, and rankings on Google. More than one million search results were used in the study – for links, it was found that it is likely that the number of referring domains and the authority of those domains were factor, while for content it was found that sites with high word counts and authoritative, comprehensive content had an impact.

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Sports fans rejoice – Facebook is preparing to enhance your Experience

This week Facebook announced they are creating a new product which will be integrated with the existing platforms. Sports Stadium is intended to help fans engage with sporting events and news, allowing them to interact with key stats, real-time discussions and sporting personalities. This is designed to aggregate game and sport specific content, letting users get it all in one convenient place.

Read more here.

Love Content Sponsored by Brands? There’s a Course for That!

Brands are no longer simply creating individual posts with this latest development – entire online courses are being sponsored by interested parties. While there are yet to be a full set of hard policies put into place, the Content Marketing start-up responsible for facilitating this development says that at this stage, they will only work with ‘brands that earned trust’ and the course cannot simply be an ad – it has to have real value and be something that people will volunteer to participate in. All courses are free to learners, with approximately 40,000 people signing up since the program’s launch in October 2015.

Read more here!

Digital Marketing
January 22,2016

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