Email Marketing For Dummies
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November 19,2013

Email Marketing For Dummies

When the topic of social marketing crops up, most people automatically think about the faster, sexier platforms – I’m looking at you Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  No one bothers to acknowledge email marketing; let’s face it, the EDM is ancient, pushing forty-two and well into middle age. So, the question is begged, is the old faithful still relevant against its sizzling, social counterparts? According to Copyblogger, over 170 million emails are sent per minute, across an estimated 3.3 billion accounts worldwide. Around 100 of those are lighting up your inbox every day. You hear that? Email is STILL relevant, it’s not going away anytime soon.

Why? Unlike Facebook and Twitter where everything you post is there for the world to see, email is personal –unless you decide to share its contents -much like having a conversation between you and a friend. If marketers understand dynamic and can tap into it successfully, you will form an unbreakable trust between you and your customers. Admittedly, 100 emails a day is a lot to contend with, so how do you make sure your emails aren’t continuously hitting the spam folder? Well its simple really, before hitting send on your next batch of email newsletters, take heed of these common mistakes.

Do We Have A Deal For You!!! Wait, Do I Know You?

Regardless of the great deal you are offering people, if they haven’t subscribed to you or given you permission to send them an email, you’re invading their privacy. This mistake is made commonly by small businesses who are new to email marketing and wish to boost their readership by buying a list and buzzing everyone on it. Even if you think that they will definitely be interested in what you’re selling, don’t take shortcuts! Once you get start off on the wrong foot, it’s going to be really hard to convince people that you are a reputable and trustworthy brand. Not to mention, it will also be a costly exercise that will give you little chance of ROI.

Blah, blah, blah, Subject Heading… Are You Bored Yet?

Your subject heading is ultimately the golden key to unlock the magic door to your email. If it doesn’t make sense, the amount of time and effort that you put into the campaign will be pointless because you will continuously land smack bang into the receivers spam folder. Time is of the essence, so you need to create a subject heading that is short, digestible and likely to be of interest. A subject heading that reads 3 Things Twitter Can Do to Help Your Business is going to be far more effective than one that reads November Newsletter, as it draws in your reader, is clear, concise and sets them up for what is going to be in the body of text. If you are sending a deal email,  it’s also a good rule of thumb to avoid common spam phrases like free, buy now, cash, earn $$, you’re a winner, amazing, and discount.

How To Be Irrelevant: Neglect Segment Marketing

Imagine this, you’ve just received an awesome email deal for a new fancy reswwwrant, only problem is, the establishment is in another state – Groupon, I’m looking at you! There is nothing more irritating than receiving irrelevant emails that clearly remind your readers that they are just another number on your list.  While it may be slightly more time consuming, segmenting your emails to specific markets will ensure you won’t get spammed, blocked or reported.

Numbers + Numbers = Nothing? NO! Stats Are Key

Statistics are your best friend; they tell you how many emails were opened, how many bounced, what folders they were received into and most importantly, how many converted. They say knowledge is power, so without that information, how will you ever get the most out of your future posts.  While they may just look like numbers on a page, metrics can provide useful when deciphering the best time of the day to send emails, the most effective subject lines and the content that resonates the most with your audience.

Testing, Testing, Can You Hear Me?!

I’ll admit I’ve fallen victim to this one; what may appear normal in Gmail, can look like a hot mess when opened on Hotmail. However, it’s easily resolved and can be done in a minutes by simply testing a message through the more popular email clients to make sure links work, images load correctly in their right place, and that there are no grammar and spelling mistakes.

These are just some of the common challenges business owners and amateur digital marketers face their first few times out of the gate. What about you? Do you have a story to tell? Let us know in the comments!

Digital Marketing
November 19,2013
Guest Author

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