Top 6 Geeky Google Doodles We Love
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June 28,2013

Top 6 Geeky Google Doodles We Love

It’s undeniable that Google is one of the cleverest inventions of all time, and apart from its super user-friendly search functionality, the second most valuable creation of Google shall be their Google Doodles. Checking out the Google Doodles of the day has slowly become part of my morning routine and also a regular topic to share with people around office (#first sign of turning in to a geek). Here are 6 clever and geeky Google Doodles that we love, pick your favourites and share them!

1. 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN

Pac-Man DoodlesWhy geeks love it: Deceptively straight forward (isn’t this the most common misconception about geeks?), PAC-MAN seems to hide their complexity under the hood.

2. 46th Anniversary of Star Trek’s 1st Broadcast

Star-Trek Doodles

Why geeks love it: Techies, especially SEO people, seem to be obsessed about Star Trek. After all, technology is all about turning scientific fantasy into reality.

3. Jim Henson’s 75th Birthday

Muppets Doodles

Why geeks love it: While geeks are perceived as ‘different’ from the rest, Jim Henson, best known as the creator of the Muppets, has a life philosophy that we should love people not because of their similarities, but for their differences. The characters in the Muppets together form a large family and a very diverse one.

4. Soccer 2012

Soccer Doodles

Why geeks love it: This Google Doodle is an animated soccer game in itself and is fully interactive – nothing beats having the Google homepage up on your screen pretending you’re working hard while playing the soccer game! Oh, and did I mention that there’s a scoreboard too? And you can replay until you reach a score that you can be so proud of.

5. Invention of the Bar Code

Bar Code Doodles

Why geeks love it: The Bar Code Google Doodle is probably one of the most hardly recognizable and quirky doodles of all – only for those tech-savvy enough to find out!

6. 25 Years of Tetris

Tetris Doodles

Why geeks love it: What more can I say? Tetris brings out the nostalgic childhood memories for those who were born in the 80s and 70s as much as the PAC-MAN does. Originally designed in the Soviet Union, Tetris has been awarded ‘Top 100 Greatest Video Games Of All Time’ and it has sold more than 70 million copies worldwide.

Love these Doodles as much as we do? You can create your own ultimate geeky t shirt by printing your favourite ones at the Doodle Store. Happy Doodling!

Digital Marketing
June 28,2013
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