Google’s Best Doodles – Which is Your Favourite?
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July 20,2015

Google’s Best Doodles – Which is Your Favourite?

Which is Your Favourite Google Doodle?

Google is known for creativity and innovation. From this iconic company’s earliest days, the Google Doodle has been lighting up your searches on a regular basis. To celebrate, the team at Search Factory has picked some of the stand-outs – check them out and vote for your favourite doodle at the end of the post.

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Les Paul’s 96th Birthday

On June 9, 2011 Google displayed an interactive, playable logo in honour of Les Paul’s 96th birthday. This masterpiece was inspired by the guitar developed by this rock and roll legend, and incorporates guitar strings and a recording button which allows users to compose and playback 30-second snippets of musical genius.

A note by the developers indicated that in 48 hours, U.S. Googlers had recorded 5.1 years’ worth of music, or 40 million songs.

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107th Anniversary of Little Nemo in Slumberland

October 15, 2012 saw Google celebrating the 107th anniversary of  ‘Little Nemo in Slumberland’, a classic comic which was created by the innovative cartoonist Winsor McCay. Described as a visionary, McCay trail-blazed the use of colour and creativity in a sensational visual journey that depicted young Nemo’s fantastical dreams.

While it wasn’t overly recognised in its own time, this strip was rediscovered and then celebrated in the mid-20th century. Since then it has served as inspiration for many artists across all mediums.

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30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN

You didn’t have to be an ‘80s kid to appreciate a classic like PAC-MAN. When the 30th anniversary rolled around on May 21, 2010, Google couldn’t resist a cheeky celebratory gag. Cue the logo which doubled as an actual interactive game of PAC-MAN. Bosses the world over were probably bemoaning this productivity-killer. Well, all except the Google bosses, that is.

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81st Anniversary of the Loch Ness Monster’s most Famous Photograph 

The myth of the Loch Ness Monster is one that just never dies, and Google took the opportunity to play on this when the 81st anniversary of the most famous ‘Nessie’ photo in existence arrived. Taken by Colonel Robert Kenneth Wilson, this photo was revealed to be a hoax many years later. Google created its own version of the fake photo, except animated and awesome. May April 21 live on in the hearts of believers forever.

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Day of the Dead

November 2, 2014 marks the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead). Google seized the chance to celebrate with a short animation featuring traditional music and visual elements of the holiday. Sugar skulls and pan de muerto, the sugary bread which is baked for the occasion, both make an appearance.

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Nelson Mandela’s 96th Birthday

On July 18, 2014, we were treated to the doodle marking Nelson Mandela’s 96th Birthday. Creator Katy Wu takes the searcher on an elegant and dignified journey of Mandela’s greatest moments, using his words as her tools. The combination of visual elements and the great use of typography tie everything in to create a feeling of celebration and respect.

Which of these is your favourite Google Doodle? Vote below! And if your all-time favourite isn’t on our list, let us know which one is in the comments!


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July 20,2015
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