Tips to get more comments on your blog posts
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September 16,2014

Tips to get more comments on your blog posts

Ever wonder why there aren’t much comments on your blog or wonder if there’s any action we could do to increase engagement with your readers? To tackle this problem I’ve discovered a few tips from Neil Patel’s blog and now sharing those helpful tips with you.

Personalize your about page

First of all, you need to establish emotional connection with your readers. Having your personal photos and a few fact about yourself is not enough anymore, you want to make your about page very personal, and below is an example:


You could place a little drawing about you and things you like, so when people visit your about page, they actually learn things about you, and I suggest that you execute it with a fun/relax way. With your photo, fun  drawing and facts about yourself that will make you stand out from boring about page or corporate blogs for sure.


Reply Your Comments

Try to response to all your comments on your blog, make sure it’s a personal response by addressing the person’s name and a comment instead of just reply “thanks for the comments”. By doing so, not only helps you to engage with your readers and encourage them to leave their comment again, but it also increase the numbers of comments that displayed, which again it encourage more people to leave comments because the social proof, see below.


Lace n Ruffles



Casual Writing

Make sure your writing style speak directly to your readers, let’s use the topic of “content marketing” for example, instead of telling your audience what content marketing is, there are different ways to say it, please see below for example.

“Content Marketing is the technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined target audience in order to drive profitable customer action” instead we could say “Do you want to generate more lead and convert from your content? Of course you do!

Now you can see the difference of how you could engage your readers? Maintain this style of writing for your post, the reader will feels like you’re speaking to them directly, most likely they’ll leave a comment.

Install Plugins

We could also get some help from a popular plugins like “Top Commentators”, what happen is the plugin will display the top commentors on your blog with their Gravatar image on your sidebar, it is a do follow link from the Gravatar image, so the ones who leave comments on your blog will gain traffic and pass on link juice to their site too, this again encourage readers to leave comments on your post.


Digital Marketing
September 16,2014
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