Hootsuite Event #HootUPBNE – What We Learnt
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September 1,2014

Hootsuite Event #HootUPBNE – What We Learnt

On Tuesday the 19th of August, five of the best looking Search Factory staff members headed to the #HootUPBNE event at the Fox Hotel. The event was hosted by Florent le Mens and Adel de Meyer, two Hootsuite ambassadors. Matt Murray, the senior adviser of digital communications at Redland City council, was the guest speaker who shared with us his social media insights and experiences.

So, what is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is an awesome piece of software that not only allows you to bring all of your social media channels to the one platform, but has many other cool features that your business could benefit from! With SF looking to delve further into the world of social media marketing, we saw this as an opportunity to extend our knowledge and upskill. These are the main take away points from the night:

You can use Hootsuite to spy on others

Don’t worry, it’s not as creepy as it sounds, but it is a social media marketers dream. Not only can you use Hootsuite to follow industry professionals and your target audience’s social activity, Hootsuite also provides the opportunity to keep an eye on your competitors. If we can see what they’re doing, we can better them.

Organisations don’t tweet, people do

Jay Baer, in his book Youtility, says: “If you sell something, you make a customer today; if you help somebody, you make a customer for life”. When using social media for a business it’s important to humanize your brand’s voice and help your followers, not bombard them with advertising. You want to create resonance with your followers, and this was one of the important messages Matt Murray had to share. You want to engage with your target audience, create discussions, help and communicate – this is how you further your reach and create trust.

the girls at #HootUPBNE
The Girls at #HootUPBNE… They didn’t want me in it…

We trust our staff to talk to customers on the phone, so why not on social media?

This was another important point Matt Murray made. If you trust your staff on the phone, why don’t you trust them with your social media? Social media is merely another communication tool. This approach is not only a cost and time efficient idea, but by keeping your staff active in replying to comments and sharing news, you’re furthering the potential to communicate with your target audience.

Reporting with Hootsuite

Hootsuite can be used as your one stop social media reporting platform for each channel. This is just another feature that will help you and your business save time and effort.

Also, did you know: On Hootsuite, you do initially have to pay for the credits to create reports, but if you are to delete an old report, the points will regenerate!… Handy!

HootSuite University

Before the #HootUPBNE event, we didn’t know about the Hootsuite University, but by the end of it we were all looking to enrol. I suggest that if you’re involved in social media marketing, this is something that you look into. The skills you could learn will definitely make life a whole lot easier and could unlock a whole new avenue for your social activity.

Digital Marketing
September 1,2014
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