How to Get Your Business Listing on Yelp (Part 2)
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August 27,2013

How to Get Your Business Listing on Yelp (Part 2)

This is part 2, if you missed part 1 go here -> “How to Get Your Business Listing on Yelp (Part 1)

Woo! We got our Yelp confirmation email saying “The customer support team has approved your business submission“, so now that our listing exists we can claim it and create our business account.

A Yelp business account is different to a normal Yelp account that is used to submit reviews, a business account gives you access to an interface to manage your business listings.

Step 1

Click on the confirmation link and you will be taken to Yelp.

Step 2

Click the “Claim My Business” button.

Yelp 2-1

Step 3

Fill out your details and click “Continue” to create your business account.

Yelp 2-2

Step 4

You will be sent another confirmation email to activate your business account, once you click on the confirmation link you will claim your business page.


Step 5

Click on the “Go to your Yelp for Business Owners Dashboard”, or go to to sign in with the account details you just created.

Yelp 2-3

After signing in you can add in some additional Business information. These fields are not compulsory but do help to provide information that can be helpful to your customers.

Step 6a

The first step is adding in your business description.

Yelp 2-4

Step 6b

Add a photo. This photo will be used next to your listing

Yelp 2-5

Step 6c

Add your business history. This step is not vital.

Yelp 2-Adding Business History

Step 6d

Enter Owner or Employee Bio. This step is also not compulsory.

Yelp 2-Owner Bio

So after these steps are completed. Check your business info and if everything looks good you can see what your published listing looks like by clicking “View my listing on Yelp” or go back to and search for your business.

While there are allot of directories on the net where you can list your business, you should only list your business on quality directories, for examples see this post on link-worthy web directories by Juliet.

Working to get local listings in addition to your SEO companies’ activity will help you gain more benefits from your SEO campaign and increase your exposure for local searches.

Digital Marketing
August 27,2013
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