Industry Weekly Wrap-up – 31st of October  2014
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October 31,2014

Industry Weekly Wrap-up – 31st of October 2014

Here is the latest Industry Wrap-up from Search Factory. Incase you didn’t know, every Friday we release a summary post of all that is recent and newsworthy in the world of digital marketing – including SEM, SEO and social media marketing. Here is the latest from around the web collected by the Search Factory staff.


Title: Google Releasing Treemaps Report
Summary: “Google has announced that advertisers can expect to see a new report appear in their Analytics over the next few weeks. The new report, titled Treemaps, lets advertisers visually identify trends and trouble spots across their Adwords accounts with speed and insight”

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Title: Bing Conversion Tags Being Phased Out
Summary: “Bing is set to introduce Universal Event Tracking, which is going to replace the traditional conversion tracking currently offered in Campaign Analytics by April 2015. The new code snippet will allow advertisers to track last click conversions for specific keywords and ads through different goal creation, similar to Google Analytics. Universal Event Tracking also enables cross device tracking and will be compatible with most major tag management systems.”

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Title: Google Mobile’s Flash Warnings Now Rolling Out To More Languages
Summary: In July, Google began labelling the mobile search results notifying users that particular websites were flash enabled with warnings “Uses Flash. May not work on your device. Try anyway | Learn more”. The warning has now rolled out to more international languages today. warnings are also included in the new mobile usability reports within Google Webmaster Tools that also launched this morning.

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Title: Google Allows You To Disable The Sitelinks Search Box, To Search Within The Google Search Results
Summary: Early September, Google introduced the sitelink search box that allows webmaster the ability to control how Google handles searches conducted within the search, within the site in the Google search results sniippet area. Google is now allowing webmasters to disable the feature completely.

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Title: Google Mobile Usability Report Reveals Website Issues That Drive Away Business.
Summary: Google has added Mobile Usability reports to its Webmaster Tools, which will provide a detailed report for each error found on a company’s website.The report highlights the following issues: flash content, missing viewport, tiny fonts, content not sized to viewport and more. It also includes instructions on how to fix each error.

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Title: Bing now lets you search by Emoji
Summary: Want to search for something using popular emoji characters? Microsoft’s Bing search engine now supports this. You can look up the meaning of emoji characters or do searches using them alone or in combination with words. Google does not support any emoji search at this stage. It only shows related searches that people are actually doing.

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That’s all of the biggest news from the last seven days of Digital. Make sure you check in again next week! If you’d like to learn more about our industry, click here and take a look at our blog!

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October 31,2014

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