On Trend in the Digital Space
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Digital Marketing
May 26,2015

On Trend in the Digital Space

“You’ve always got to push yourself forward; you’ve always got to keep up with the trends.” – Alexander McQueen.

Identifying and setting trends in the land of digital marketing is much like pushing the envelope in the fashion world. Making movements forward that are strategic, actionable and measurable lead to achieving results in the digital space.

Here are a few key trends to note for all digital marketers:

Devices Used for Search

Understanding how your customers are searching and what devices they are using for these activities is key. Optimising all digital marketing activities in this space to ensure best experience for the customer is vital to gaining commercial success when reaching the audience. There are always new players coming into the game so watching the way the trends change in device usage will only become more important.

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Mobile devices are the modern day customer’s biggest fixation, being one of the most popular devices for search and conversions in this marketing era. 2015 marked moving from a mobile-friendly approach to a mobile-first mind-set which means considering each piece of content written for blogs, social media and emails to be appropriate for mobile.

Feedback from the source

Understand the behaviours, characteristics and needs is at the core of all digital marketing activities. Gaining customer feedback will give insights followed by the opportunity to provide more relevant and valuable offerings to different target audiences.

Integration of the mix

Integration of digital marketing with traditional marketing methods can be one of the biggest hurdles. Outlining a vision of integration to mix these marketing channels will be a long-term strategy approach requiring a transformation of the tools and metrics used to achieve the most from the digital marketing component.

Content – the King

There will always be content and it will always be “king” therefore it is consistently near or top of the trending list for digital marketers. Social media is the lead runner for companies creating incredible content to interact with communities. The key is to ‘be human’ with content by writing original and insightful information for customers across all online communication channels. As best put by Jay Baer “Content is fire, social media is gasoline”. Fuelling good content is key to creating wild fire in the digital space.

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As in any industry with progressive trends, digital marketers need to move faster than the other guy to stay in front. This means adopting digital platforms to maximise marketing opportunities and keeping up the hype by responding to the market’s needs. Search Factory provide businesses with all of these solutions while continually hunting the upcoming trends to maintain lead position in the digital marketing space.

Digital Marketing
May 26,2015
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