How SEO and PPC Can Work Together to Maximise ROI
How SEO and PPC Can Work Together to Maximise ROI
Jess Grant Jess Grant
Digital Marketing
May 22,2018

How SEO and PPC Can Work Together to Maximise ROI

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click) are distinct digital marketing strategies. Even though they’re both designed to improve search engine visibility, one is organic and the other is paid.  SEO concentrates on improving your site’s search engine results, while PPC uses ads to increase website traffic and drive cost efficiencies.

But despite their differences, SEO and PPC are most powerful when used in combination.

Instead of applying these tactics independently to maximise ROI, taking a collaborative approach can help you make the most of conversion opportunities.

If merging your SEO and PPC strategies sounds like too complex a task, consider these benefits.


Combining SEO and PPC Can Maximise Your Exposure

Using PPC and SEO together is an effective method for making your website more visible.

While organic search is imperative to increasing website traffic, the highest-ranking positions on many SERPs are now reserved for paid results. In fact, the top 4 listings are now occupied by ads. And on mobile devices, you often can’t see the highest ranking organic result until you’ve scrolled past the PPC ads. If you’re going after maximum exposure, it pays to use a combination of organic and paid search tactics.

Instead of appearing as a PPC ad or an organic search result, uniting your SEO and PPC strategies means your website can do both at the same time. In addition to doubling your chances of securing clicks, this will make your brand appear well-established in target markets.


PPC Can Guide Your Organic Meta Data

PPC helps with identifying keywords

Analysing your PPC results can take the guesswork out of crafting quality meta data. Split-testing different descriptions and titles in a PPC campaign can help you choose the best variant for your meta title and meta description, thus optimising your organic click-through rate.

Of course, you should be testing different variants to optimise your PPC campaigns to begin with – even if you’re not applying these findings to your SEO strategy.

If you’re struggling to find the right words when writing organic content, look at the copy featured on your highest-performing PPC ads. Phrases that generate the most clicks can be used to inform both your website’s meta data and onsite content.


PPC Can Provide Detailed Data to Enrich Your SEO Strategy

Getting to know your target audience through social media advertising is one of the greatest advantages of unifying SEO and PPC.

Running PPC ads on a platform like Facebook allows you to collect detailed data on specific demographics. This data can then be put towards strengthening your overall SEO strategy. You can do this by using the data to influence the tone and messaging of your website’s content to make sure it hits the mark. If your PPC management agency not leveraging paid insights for better SEO, ask them why!


Cross-Referencing SEO and PPC Data Can Reveal Consumer Behaviour Insights

SEO + PPC = Consumer Behaviour Insights

SEO and PPC teams collect different types of consumer behaviour insights. Rather than keeping each other in the dark, sharing this information can benefit both sides.

Looking at paid and organic insights as a whole can help you set relevant key performance indicators while ensuring every aspect of your marketing strategy is working towards a common goal.


SEO + PPC = Full-Funnel Keyword Targeting

Integrating SEO and PPC can assist you with targeting users at every stage of the customer journey. A smart SEO Brisbane company will combine this data to achieve full-funnel keyword targeting.

Organic is the perfect platform for cost-effective targeting (as you’re not paying for this traffic, it doesn’t need to give a return right away). However, you can still use PPC for ‘consideration and conversion’ – the final stages of the customer journey during which the consumer purchases your product.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the traffic generated by awareness content can then be used to influence remarketing strategies.


Working on SEO and PPC Collaboratively Can Improve Productivity

Keeping SEO and PPC separate from each other makes it easy to overlook critical information that could be used to benefit your website’s visibility. No matter how hard you work on SEO and PPC in isolation, using them together will always be the more productive approach, resulting in better ROI for less work.


When it comes to maximising ROI, SEO and PPC are both fighting the same battle. Rather than treating them as separate disciplines, aligning your PPC and SEO strategies is crucial for keeping pace with the ultra-competitive digital marketing landscape.

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Digital Marketing
May 22,2018
Jess Grant

Author: Jess Grant

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