So It’s 2016 And You Still Suck At Content Marketing
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April 6,2016

So It’s 2016 And You Still Suck At Content Marketing

We need to talk.


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We’ve been through so much together. We’ve shared a lot of likes and comments on Facebook, those YouTube videos, and let’s not forget about those #moments. But something’s changed.

Your content marketing strategy is like young love drama: full of promise, full of hope, but just not mature. Breaking up may be out of the question, but that shouldn’t stop you from making things better.

The notion of content marketing in today’s eventful and demanding world is perceived by many as a trendy fad, much like hipsters and wearing active wear anywhere and everywhere that isn’t the gym. But the reality is that content marketing has been around since the very first newspaper (much unlike hipsters and active wear).

So, what should you be getting from your content marketing strategy?


First, it shows you know and care about your readers and followers – offering someone valuable material on a specific subject earns trust and builds rapport, both of which are important when it comes to eventually seeing a return. Just take a look at Nike’s Better For It campaign; they have put a foot forward to connect with women whose daily routine pushes the limits. Content marketing has gotten those people talking about Nike and associating the product with determination and drive to be fit. I’m fairly sure even my grandma is talking about Nike, and she lives in country Romania.

Next, there are search engine benefits – creating a consistent flow of high-quality content can increase your site’s ranking with search engines, helping you get more traffic. This traffic is going to get your brand noticed and your content linked to by other sites, generating crucial backlinks.

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Finally, you need to build a squad of trusted readers and followers (if you can gather one as mighty as T-Swift’s girl squad then hats off to you). Pledging to create consistent content day in/day out/nights/weekends/holidays will incrementally be building you a foundation of readers and followers, whether it be on your blog, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – anything, really. As this band of followers grows, so do the opportunities you have to be flexible with how you promote, share and interact with your followers.

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As an example, look at Australian swimwear brand Triangl. The company’s marketing budget was zero, so this innovative power couple started sending out their swimsuits to bloggers, hoping to generate interest through their Instagram followers. Their brand soon reached the hands of Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner and now have almost 3 million followers.

Another great example of content marketing done right is the name behind the legendary Mickey Mouse. As you already know, your business’ success depends on your content marketing strategy. The way your company’s brand is represented will shape people’s opinion of your organisation. Walt Disney managed to successfully market his brand to suit different demographics, which is always an impressive feat.

Let’s look at Disney in some more detail to see what you can take away for your own strategies. I can’t promise you a world-famous mouse if you follow these tactics, but it’s a good start!

  1. Surprise and WOW.

Modify a surprise to suit the products or services you provide. Disney in every instance added a WOW factor to his marketing activities. Sometimes it was as modest as giving away VIP entry into Disneyland to avoid the queue, or gifting trips or valuable prizes. To win, all you had to do was be there, online. Take a lead from Disney and surprise your audience with something unexpected.

  1. Forget Bill Gates and his ‘content is king’ theory. The real king is the story.

Involve your viewers on an emotional level. One reason people relate to and enjoy Disney is because every piece of content is based on a story. Your content needs to engage and relate to people, as well as connect on a human level. Tell your brand’s story through your content marketing.

  1. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Something Disney did effortlessly and brilliantly was to continuously promote his enterprise. He made sure you were always thinking about his brand, whether you were going on a holiday, to the cinema, or just hanging out with your mates. This is a great tactic to take away; send out media releases, frequently update your blog, and place ads to remain on people’s minds. By unceasingly endorsing your business (with content they appreciate and engage with) you will build and shape your brand.

  1. Talk, talk, talk, talk and talk some more.

Talk to your customers directly. Whether it’s getting out and about with them, or replying to their tweets, comments and reviews directly, it’s a great way to get opinions about your products and services straight from the horse’s mouth. Analytics can only take you so far in market research. Even Walt followed this model. He’d go out and watch his own movies and get on the rides at Disneyland, all to interact and receive feedback. What a sport!

  1. Keep them coming back for more.

You don’t watch a Disney movie once (be honest, we’re friends here, you know all the words to every Frozen song).


No, you watch it over and over again. And if you visit Disneyland, I’ll bet you anything you will find people there who have been many times before (myself included). What Disney does, and what you should do for your customers, is to keep them wanting to come back to you. Offer new services and products first hand to returning customers; obviously, they have faith in your brand, so why not leverage that and keep your customers coming back for more?

  1. Attention to every teeny, tiny detail.

The key to any content marketing strategy is attention to detail. You would be surprised how big a dividend a small detail can make. Disney has mastered this technique so well, he even added mouse ears on street signs at Disneyland – all in the name of authenticity. Details show a customer that something special can happen – that magic can happen.

So why not channel the genius of Walt Disney and inject some life back into your content strategy?


The End.


Digital Marketing
April 6,2016
Guest Author

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