Spotify for Staff Program: Joy & Productivity with Music
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January 22,2013

Spotify for Staff Program: Joy & Productivity with Music

Music is by far one of the most popular and influential communication mediums in today’s culture. You only need to see the 1.2 billion views that Gangnam Style has on Youtube to understand the value of a beat, where language and cultural differences have no boundary.

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Personally, I’m a lover of music in its many forms that it takes and from personal experience, believe it can certainly help one “get in the zone” when trying to knuckle down and get some work done. So to combine a love of music that I wanted to share with our team, as well as looking for ways to increase productivity and also give the guys and girls that little something extra, the introduction of a “Spotify for Staff” program emerged.

Why is it great?

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1. Our Team Loves It!

Spotify Premium is worth $11.99 per month for each account, so obviously it’s great if someone else pays it for you! There’s also loads of cool features with a premium account such as syncing and downloading music to your phone that can also make the commute to work much more enjoyable. From a work perspective, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of the same tracks you have on your hard drive could certainly get old very quickly, so a catalogue of thousands of songs to stream also enables our team to find what they want, as well as share music between each other and discover new tastes.
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2. It Actually Does Increase Productivity and Reduce Distractions

There’s countless moments in here (that every office has) where distractions don’t seem to stop! When you’re trying to meet deadlines and get stuff done, you need a way to zone out from it all and remain focused and distraction-free. So how much has productivity improved by? Well I don’t have a specific figure, but you only need to sit in here for an hour when everyone’s headphones are in to see the difference. No chatter, no distractions, it works!
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3. It Makes Us Cooler

Marketing agencies and web-based businesses seem to have an unspoken rule of trying to be “way cooler” than traditional bricks and mortar businesses. Look at anyone from Zynga, Google and Facebook down to few people startups and there’s a tendency to fit out with funky decor, wear t-shirts to work and make a general attempt to be cooler than other businesses. When it comes to attracting key talent in an online environment, “cool factor” is certainly a matter of significance.


From our perspective, this has been a great introduction to Search Factory and we get great feedback from the team. If you’re considering this type of introduction to your business, go for it! The minimal cost could provide far greater value to your team and your company than you could realise.

Have you tried something similar in your company? Let us know in the comments below! 

Digital Marketing
January 22,2013
Nic Blair

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