Targeted Blogger Outreach (Part 1): How to build a campaign brief
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August 15,2013

Targeted Blogger Outreach (Part 1): How to build a campaign brief

Engaging blogs to tell your brand story is almost like chemistry, every successful blogger campaign involves a few essential elements. This is part one of my series aiming to dissect the art of blogger engagement campaign to make it effective, efficient and engaging.

First step for any blogger campaign is to understand what your client or the brand wants to achieve. Here is a list of questions to ask your client before commencing planning and prospecting:

  1. What is the campaign objective?
  2. What are the key messages?
  3. Start date, duration and frequency of posting
  4. Total campaign budget
  5. Campaign activities – Blog post, social post, eDM, video content, image-driven content (e.g. Instagram and Pinterest) and any experience-based activities (product review or famils)
  6. Campaign landing page/ URLs
  7. Any other online/ offline activities planned apart from blogger engagement? This is often useful piece of information during negotiation with bloggers for a better post rate as a campaign with big buzz created outside blogging space means there are potential large search traffic stimulated, which might translate to increased blog traffic for the bloggers involved.
  8. Will the bloggers’ activities be promoted on the brand’s own social media channels? Again this is an awesome selling point to a-list bloggers for the ‘what’s in it for me’ factor apart from the money talk.
  9. Number of blogs/ sites to engage
  10. Target blog categories
  11. Target blog geo-location – Especially important for experience-based product reviews to estimate the travel cost/ shipping cost to the bloggers.
  12. Preferred writing style? What’s the voice of the brand? Can it be quirky, humorous or do they have to stay on the conservative side?
  13. Minimum number of social followers/ comment per post – While number of social followers could be easily manipulated, the number of comment per post, and also the depth of comments are better indications of how successful the bloggers are in connecting with their readers.
  14. Target demographics
  15. Any giveaway/ competition prizes – Intelligence collected on the ground is that any giveaways/ prizes stimulate engagement and click through rates from eDM and social post.
  16. Key benchmarking metrics for ROI – Traffic on site, average time on post, average page view per visit, click through rate, bounce rate, comment on post and social shares.
  17. Any mandatory
  18. Any other additional background information – Things such as media release or previews of campaign creatives would help bloggers to get better understanding of the campaign messages.

Building a comprehensive campaign brief is your first step to success in the blogger outreach journey. Consultation is the key. An initial face-to-face/ Skype meeting with clients is the most ideal way to get an overview of what they are chasing after and how success looks like for them. Follow up with a written brief of the above questions and you’re ready to commence on the next step – prospecting for the right blogs and niches. Stay tuned for the second part of my series next week.

Digital Marketing
August 15,2013
Guest Author

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