Young Business Forum End of Year Networking Drinks
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December 5,2014

Young Business Forum End of Year Networking Drinks

On Tuesday the 2nd of December, a number of Search Factory staff attended the Young Business Forum (YBF) End Of Year Networking Drinks at the Tryp Hotel in Fortitude Valley. This was a fantastic event for young business people in Brisbane and featured guest speakers Mike Abbott, The Queensland GM for Uber and our very own Nic Blair, both of whom spoke of the genesis of their brands.

Nic Speaking at YBFDrinks
Nic Blair telling the story of Search Factory was created and giving business tips.

Now Who is YBF?

The YBF is a chapter of the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce and was created for the business leaders of tomorrow. YBF members are able to use this group to expand their range of business contacts, increase business awareness and attend functions with speakers of high regard. We are lucky enough to have Co-Director Michael Bell on the advisory board, which is why we decided to sponsor this awesome event.

What I Took From the Night

There were some big Brisbane business names there on the night, so it was a great event for networking. But there were also a fair few points that stood out to me.

“Focus on culture and creating fun. Allowing staff personal projects is what attracts and retains”  – Nic Blair

This was one of the main points by Nic Blair. You want to create an environment that your staff enjoy, as this will help keep up employee morale and help with staff retention.

“Being a brand that operates in so many cities around the world, we can experiment with new products in different markets” – Mike Abbott

In order for a brand to expand and not taper, you must continually try to grow. If you’re a big brand you can test things in different markets. Uber is a brand that is continually looking to grow. And simple things like implementing rating systems for their drivers only helps better their products.

Networking at YBF Drinks

It was a fantastic night at an amazing location. If you’re trying to get on the Brisbane business scene, or would like to make some new connections, I would suggest keeping an eye out for more events hosted by the Young Business Forum. We had some staff members at the event taking photos. If you’d like to take a look – CLICK HERE!

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December 5,2014
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