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There’s no luck in the world of Google Ads management. The difference between a ‘good enough’ Ads account and one that monopolises your market is the experience of the team building your campaigns.

Search Factory gives your Ads account the best possible platform for success. Our team of specialists are completely certified by Google Ads, giving us the knowledge and experience to turbo-charge your digital investment. In fact, we’re a Premier Google Partner – so we’ve always got our finger on the pulse of the latest Ads trends and tech.

Ads Account Structure

Ads Account Structure

The structure of your Ads account sets the foundation for successful campaigns. However, every business is different, so there’s no ‘golden way’ to set up your account. Our Ads management experts will work closely with you to determine the right structure for your business – all while making sure it sticks to the high standards we set for every account.

Getting your account structure right is essential for achieving a high Ads quality score, which will in turn make it easier to drive strong results and keep costs low for your campaigns. The following 5 components are all vital aspects of your account structure, and getting each one right is another step towards the best possible quality score.

Keywords and Negatives

Keywords and Negatives

One of the first things we do with our Google Ads management services is to identify the right keywords to target (and the keywords that we need to avoid). We start by categorising your services and breaking these down into as many keyword variations as possible. We conduct extensive keyword research (using tools such as Ads Keyword Planner) to make sure we’re covering all bases.

We particularly look at highlighting keywords that have strong search volume and are highly relevant to your business. This approach helps us refine your keyword list down to the phrases that will work best. Then we investigate specific keywords that don’t relate to the objectives of our Ads management campaign (e.g. free, reviews, and any swear words/inappropriate terms). We add these as ‘negative’ keywords, to reduce the risk of low-potential users from seeing your ads.

Creative and Ad Copy

Creative and Ad Copy

Some Ads agencies don’t put enough time and thought into creative and ad copy. Our managers understand that achieving a high click-through rate on your ad relies on readers immediately recognising that the ad meets their needs.

This is why we ensure our ad copy always relates clearly to our keyword(s). We also tailor our ad copy and our creative (i.e. the landing pages that are linked to from the ad) to the audience. For example, a first-time visitor to your site might be served generic copy, whereas a return visitor might see copy that references the content they engaged with last time they were on your site. Similarly, we can tailor our Ads copy based on the user’s location (e.g. encouraging them to visit a specific store depending on the suburb they’re searching from).

Ads Extensions

Ads Extensions

By implementing extensions as part of your Google Ads management strategy, we maximise your real estate on the search engine results page. This typically leads to a higher click-through rate, so you’re effectively making the most of the traffic searching for your targeted keywords. And with a higher click-through rate, we get the luxury of being a bit choosier with our keywords (i.e. focusing even more narrowly on the keywords that have the highest purchase intent behind them).

For example, if we can get more clicks to a valuable term like ‘where to buy X’, we could then pull back from bidding on less valuable terms like ‘X comparison reviews’.

There are around 10 types of AdWords extensions available, and each can be used quite effectively for different industries and businesses. These range from callout extensions (an extra line of text with details such as free shipping, prices, and buy now, pay later options) to location extensions (a clickable link to see a map/directions to your store). Speak with our AdWords managers for a more extensive list of options, or learn more about them in this blog post.

Bid and Budget Optimisation

Bid and Budget Optimisation

There are several factors we consider when deciding how aggressively to push our budgets through AdWords. For example, we’ll typically increase our bids if a customer:

  • Is within a certain radius of your store
  • Has visited your website or engaged with your content previously (especially recently)
  • Matches the demographics of your ideal customer
  • Is likely near the end of the purchasing journey (based on the intent of their search query).

In some campaigns, we can use machine learning to automate these optimisations. However, there’s just no substitute for human intuition and a strategic mindset, which is why your account manager is always overseeing this process to ensure all your bids are intelligent and reasonable.

Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting

Engaging us for Google Ads management services gives you the ability to serve ads to a very specific group of people. We can target our ads to users based on many criteria, including:

  • Device (phone vs. tablet vs. desktop)
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Parental status
  • And many more.

We can also specifically retarget users who have engaged with your site previously.

What clients say about our Google Ads management

Mel is an absolute superstar! She has done an amazing job of setting up all the campaigns so far and working with our marketing leads - they have each separately sung her praises. It’s early days, but in a short space of time she has added real value to what we are doing in this space and we are seeing some good results.

Brett Thompson, Marketing Manager – IronMan
One platform driving traffic through an entire network
One platform driving traffic through an entire network

AdWords sits within a far broader advertising network than you might realise. In addition to search, you can also show ads via:

  • Display
  • Google Shopping
  • YouTube
  • Gmail ads.

Using a strategic combination of these is key to PPC success.

How do search ads work?
How do search ads work?

The process can be summed up in 3 simple steps:

  1. A user enters a search query in Google that includes a keyword related to your campaign.
  2. The user sees a range of ads, in addition to the organic search results. Depending on your keyword bid and quality score, your ad may or may not win an impression from the ad auction.
  3. The user clicks on the ad that seems to best address their need. This directs them to the advertiser’s website, and the advertiser gets charged for the click.
Real Clients, Real Success Stories
GO Health Clubs GO Health Clubs
increased conversions by52%
Unita Unita
Decrease in cost per aquisition34%
Amart Furniture Amart Furniture
Increase in online ROI175%
Why choose Search Factory for Google AdWords services?
A data-driven, strategic approach

Our Google AdWords management services are founded in data. This means any tactics we use or ecommendations we make are based on trends we’ve measured or figures we’ve forecasted. No guesswork, just great work.

Conversion-focused optimisation

For us, AdWords success means business success. If our activity isn’t helping you achieve your commercial goals, something isn’t right. This is why we prefer to report on meaningful metrics like revenue and cost per conversion, as opposed to surface-level statistics like clicks and traffic.

Dedicated account manager

Your friendly and experienced AdWords manager is always available to answer your questions via email, phone, or a face-to-face meeting. You’ll like our results, of course, but we think you’ll love working with us too.

Experts in lowering your costs

We’re always refining our campaigns to minimise your cost per click and cost per conversion. This plays a large part in ensuring you get genuine ROI when you choose us as your Google AdWords agency.

Comprehensive reporting

We can include just about any data points from your AdWords activity in our customised reports. We leave no stone unturned when putting together insights and future recommendations after a campaign.

Enterprise-level strategies

We offer big strategy for small businesses. Our managers work right alongside iProspect staff members, who deliver AdWords management services to enterprise-level clients on a daily basis and are constantly sharing their strategies and expertise with us.

Machine learning and automation

For some clients, we’re able to use machine learning software to automate our bidding strategies. This saves us valuable time, which we can put into more useful Google Ads services (such as optimising creative, analysing your competitor activity, and refining your overall search strategy).

Thorough briefing and onboarding

We don’t just learn how to spell your business name and then get to work. We have a thorough onboarding conversation with you and complete a detailed briefing sheet. This ensure we can get the best results from your campaigns, right from the start.

Want to learn more about Google AdWords?

Managing your Google Ads account typically involves:

  • Structuring your account effectively
  • Creating ad copy and creative for your ads
  • Building a list of related keywords (as well as eliminating negative keywords)
  • Managing when and how much you bid to show your ad to people when they search for relevant keywords
  • Setting up rules for who your AdWords ads get shown to (i.e. targeting).

The platform that works best for your campaign will depend on a variety of factors, including the audience you’re trying to reach and the products/services you offer.

We often begin by running simultaneous campaigns across multiple platforms, as this allows us to pinpoint the platform with the best results and ROI. We then focus our attention and budget on the channel that’s performing best. And if that channel happens to be AdWords, then yes, it’s the right channel for you.

For us, success is determined by how the campaign compares to your overall business goals. We use the appropriate metrics to gauge whether the campaign developed sufficient return on investment, and we supply customised reporting to share the results.

A range of factors will influence how much you invest with AdWords. These may include things like which industry you’re operating in, the keywords you want to target, and the demand for your business offering.

Ongoing management includes campaign tracking and adjustments, budget tracking, reporting and performance analysis, plus any insights and advice as we go. We’ll work out the best way to manage your account and deliver on your business objectives.

Since everything we do is shaped by your specific business needs, our reporting reflects this. Whether you want to know about customer acquisition, revenue, goal completions, new users, browser behaviour or something else entirely, we can lay it out for you as part of our comprehensive reports. We can even handle more complex reporting requests requiring audience segmentation or customer analysis.

One of the most advantageous aspects of paid search is that it’s possible to target users by more than demographics or location. Our team can aim to reach consumers when they’re ready to engage and most likely to convert.

Professional Google Ads services are just a phone call away.
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