AdWords Scripts: 26 Awesome Resources To Get You Started
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February 3,2013

AdWords Scripts: 26 Awesome Resources To Get You Started

Last week I posted a guide to tracking Quality Score history with AdWords Scripts to demonstrate the power using AdWords Scripts to overcome some of the gaps and annoyances of AdWords reporting. If you’re like me, you might see AdWords scripts as not just a game changer, but a democratisation of the AdWords API, allowing all PPC account managers access to advanced tools, reporting, bid management, and incorporation of external data sources that once required expensive and cumbersome proprietary bid management platforms that required whole teams of developers to maintain.

While everyone at Search Factory is eagerly anticipating a flurry of PPC innovation in 2013 driven by AdWords Scripts, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of resources to get you started:

AdWords Scripts Resources From Google

Google Developers – AdWords Scripts – Google’s own AdWords Scripts documentation and resources, including tutorials, code snippets, and complete scripts to get you started.

AdWords Scripts Community – The AdWords Scripts Forum is a great place to ask questions and get assistance with your scripts from the community and directly from the AdWords Scripts Team.

AdWords Services – A list of AdWords API services available within AdWords Scripts.

AdWords Scripts Limits – There are some limits to what AdWords Scripts can and can’t do, which currently includes access to AdWords Express and AdWords for video campaigns.

AdWords API – Google’s documentation on the full AdWords API.

AdWords Scripts Basics

Learn JavaScript at Codeacademy and w3Schools.

Code Snippets, Tutorials, and Complete Scripts

Tracking Quality Score

Tracking Quality Score with AdWords Scripts & Google Docs [Search Factory]

AdWords Quality Score Tracker Version 2.0 – Now with Labels [PPC Epiphany]

Bid & Budget Management

Change bids using the Weather Underground API [Google Developers]

Set unique bidding rules for a campaign [Free AdWords Scripts]

Monitor account spend and budget pacing [Outrider]


Create a keyword performance report in Google Docs [Google Developers]

Create an ad performance report using Google Spreadsheets [Google Developers]

Set a zero impression “fire alarm” [Outrider]

Email reports as a CSV [AdWords Scripts Forums]

Email a summary report with the number of clicks received in a day [AdWords Scripts Forums]

Updating and Managing Ads

Pull external data into your ads using Ad Paramaters [Google Developers]

Use Ad Paramaters to count down to a sale [Google Developers]

Update Ad Paramaters from a Google Spreadsheet [Free AdWords Scripts]

Pause ads with a low CTR [Free AdWords Scripts]

Delete disapproved ads [Free AdWords Scripts]

Tracking & Analytics

Automatically add ValueTrack paramaters to destination URLs [Free AdWords Scripts]

Optimisation & Maintenance

Automate maintenance tasks (part 2, part 3) [Free AdWords Scripts]

Managing Ad Groups

Pause Ad Groups with no active keywords [Free AdWords Scripts]

Managing Keywords

Pause keywords with no impressions [Free AdWords Scripts]

That’s about all off the resources, tutorials, code snippets, and complete scripts we can find right now, but we’ll be sure to keep updating the list.

Are you doing any interesting things with AdWords Scripts? Have you developed any of your own? Let us know in the comments.

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February 3,2013
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