Callout Extensions – Highlight Your “Unique Selling Point”
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September 10,2014

Callout Extensions – Highlight Your “Unique Selling Point”

Google Call Out Extensions are now out of Beta, launched into the public domain for advertisers to implement across their AdWords accounts.

What Are Callout Extension?

For those who may not be familiar with Google’s new Call Out Extension feature – these AdWords extensions allow advertisers to highlight additional brand and product information alongside their ads, as well as take up additional space within the search results page (i.e. increase your brand visibility within the search real estate). We’ve provided an example below to show this feature in action!


Our client is an online retailer of supplements and health products. While their ads already included SiteLink extensions, they had a number of additional unique offers that they wished to elaborate on further to increase click through rate and conversion rate.

The addition of Call Out Extensions allowed customers searching for the brand and products to immediately see these additional selling points; ones that other advertisers in the search results were not currently highlighting or offering.

Why Should You Use Callout Extensions?

There are many benefits as to why you should use Callout Extensions. Below is a small summary of what we feel are the best benefits.

· Highlight Unique Selling Points & Offers

Have a summer special coming up or a new product offering? Don’t take up valuable AdCopy and Sitelink space. Use the Call Out Extension to highlight these unique offers.

· Update Callouts Easily

No longer do you have to be frustrated trying to play with Character limits in your AdCopy or worry about disrupting current split testing stats on particular Ads. You can change Call Out Extensions whenever you want! Keeping your ads up to date with the latest service or product offerings.

· New Strategies & Flexibility

A majority of Search Factory’s Clients utilise very granular targeting strategies at an AdGroup level. This can be replicated for Call Out Extensions as well, setting unique selling points for specific products or services. The Callout Extensions can be set at an Account, Campaign or AdGroup Level.

· Data Retention

You can edit your Call Outs without resetting their performance statistics, unlike editing a normal Ad or SiteLink.

· Mobile Specific Callout Extensions

Create Mobiles Specific Call Outs that may relate to a different Call-to-Action or unique offering for mobile users only. For example: 10% Off w/Code XYZ.

· Callout Scheduling

As with many retailers, they run specials at specific times of the year, week or even hour! You have the ability to set specific dates and even times of day when a Callout Extension should be running to align with your marketing goals.

Call Out Extension Best Practices

We find that a minimum of two Callout Extensions will need to be created at an Account, Campaign or AdGroup level to be eligible to show. However, it is recommended to create the maximum number of Callout Extensions that are eligible to appear, which are 4 per level.

Google specifies a maximum of 25 characters per extension. However, we suggest shortening this (below 10 if possible) to ensure that you can show more than 2 Call Outs at a time.

Callout Extension Conclusion

So there we have it. If you wish to find out more about Call Out Extensions please see the official documentation from Google Support or get in contact with Search Factory for a free audit on your account and how we can help get better results for your AdWords Account as an official partner of Google.

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September 10,2014
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