Mobile Day Parting Using AdWords Scripts
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November 27,2014

Mobile Day Parting Using AdWords Scripts

Gone are the days where users interact with only one device online. Users now shop and research across multiple devices at different stages of the purchase process, including mobile, tablet and desktop computers. As such, it has become increasingly important over recent years to ensure that your AdWords strategy incorporates some form of activity across each of these devices to drive results for your brand.

While AdWords does currently allow advertisers to set mobile-specific bids at a campaign and AdGroups level, the interface lacks the ability to break this down by hour of day and by day of week like with desktop and tablet bidding. This can often be problematic for advertisers who need to inflate and deflate bids at various times of day to match their online store performance and CPA goals.

To get around this issue, our SEM team recently developed an AdWords script that adjusts mobile bids by day of week and by time of day. This aims to ensure that our clients are visible across mobile device searches at the right time in order to capture traffic and send it through to their website.

How the Script Works:

Our mobile bid adjustment script allows our SEM team to set specific mobile bid adjustments by day of week and time of day. The script runs every hour across the account and if the time period matches that selected, the bids will be inflated or deflated accordingly across the selected campaigns.

To determine the respective times that the script will run, we export a basic AdWords report analysing impressions and clicks by device and time/day of week segments at a campaign level.  Based on this report, we can quickly identify peak periods for mobile. This is highlighted in the example below, where mobile search volumes experiences an increase between 6am – 2pm:

Mobile Demand Final

Next, we apply a set of labels to these campaigns that will let the script know where bidding adjustments are required to run. If there are multiple time periods throughout the day where bidding adjustments are needed, multiple labels are required.

Once the required campaigns have been identified and labelled, the script is loaded into the AdWords Bulk Operation interface and a bid multiplier is set for the times that the script needs to inflate mobile bids, as well as the times outside of this period where mobile bids are required to be default.  If multiple time periods and labels were applied, the script needs to be duplicated accordingly.

script example 

The Results:

 Over a three month period, our client experienced some notable improvements across both traffic and online conversion metrics as a result of the mobile day parting script implemented. The script was set up to run each day between 5pm and 8pm across three campaigns that were key to driving lead volume for the client.

As shown below, traffic experienced a 27% increase during the specified time period and a 75% increase in conversions.

mobile script data


data 2


If you want to see how your account could benefit from a mobile day parting strategy, contact Search Factory for an audit today.

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November 27,2014
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