Not all Links are Created Equally
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January 30,2013

Not all Links are Created Equally

It’s a common belief that all links hold the same value. Why would you spend so much time building manual links one-by-one when you can buy 1,000 links for $50 elsewhere? The answer: they are not even close to being equal. The one quality link you build manually is likely to be far more valuable than the 1,000 that you got at a bargain price of $50. Potentially, you could have just paid $50 for Google to de-index your site.

Link Building is Hard Work!

Link building is hard work!

The days of black and grey hat techniques that would bring about lasting Google ranking results are long gone. So why do so many SEO’s continue to use spammy services and blog networks as part of their link building strategy?

The biggest thing I have learnt about quality link building is that it is HARD WORK. Good, high-quality link building is a time consuming process that requires a lot of patience and persistence. No shortcuts, no tricks, no gimmicks – no blog networks! It requires you to search for related websites, contact the owner and then IF you get a reply you can negotiate a link placement on their site. This has to be repeated over and over and over again. This is the way we build links at Search Factory.

Black & White

White Hats Vs Black Hats

The hard work and persistence that’s needed to build manual links can be enough to turn an SEO to black or grey hat techniques. I completely understand why people are put off by manual link building and assume the back hat. However, the negative consequences that these black and grey hat techniques WILL bring far outweigh the temporary increases in traffic that these techniques might grab.

Think Long Term

Do not use link networks

Good SEO’s know that Google will eventually de-value whatever spammy services, shortcuts and blog networks are currently being used and potentially penalise your site. You may get a couple of days, weeks or even months of increased traffic and rankings, but at what cost to your site and business in the long run? Good SEO requires a long-term strategy to build high quality links over time – there is no way around it.

Think long term for success in seo


January 30,2013
Michael B

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