Amart Furniture (PPC Case Study 2)

Amart Furniture (PPC Case Study 2)

PPC Management & Marketing PPC Management & Marketing
Google AdWords Google AdWords
26% increased conversions by
19% transaction rate
35% click through rate
682% store visits


Amart Furniture has been a Search Factory client for many years. With stores all over the country and a product range featuring more than 2,000 items, they’re a leading provider of furniture. As well as PPC, we work with them across SEO, Content, and AdWords, delivering a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


As one of Australia’s largest retailers of furniture, bedding and outdoor furniture, Amart needs to constantly stay ahead of the game.
Achieving this with their PPC campaigns requires:

  • Increasing conversions via paid search and display remarketing
  • While delivering a strong ROI (keeping their cost per transaction low).

In such a highly competitive market, doing this is certainly a challenge – but it’s not impossible.


Our team used a mix of in-depth research and analysis, comprehensive testing and smart optimisation to create an account designed to achieve the goals laid out by the client.

The key strategy elements we set in place involved:

  • Building new campaigns on search and display channels
  • Implementing mobile, day-parting and keyword strategies to improve overall account performance
  • Implementing automated keyword bidding to optimise selected campaigns in real-time using machine-learning algorithms
  • Whitelisting the Amart Furniture account for Google’s store visit beta on first release, to give us visibility over the effectiveness of each campaign in driving physical store visits
  • Implementing scripts to identify the best-performing variations and pause poor-performing ads

Implementing dynamic remarketing, targeting recent website visitors with display ads related to the products they recently viewed onsite.


The above combination of tactics is what enabled us to increase transactions YoY by 54% while simultaneously decreasing the cost per transaction by 33% in the same time period.

But that’s not all.

Our campaign went above and beyond expectations by delivering other noteworthy results.

Over the first year of the campaign (2015-16), we saw a 26% rise in conversions with a 9.5% reduction in cost per click. We also implemented the store visit beta to measure the physical store visits attributed to search campaigns.

From 2015 to 2017, we saw even greater growth YoY, including:

  • 19% increase in transaction rate
  • 35% increase in click through rate
  • 22% decrease in cost per click
  • 682% increase in store visits attributed to search campaigns*.

*2016 tracking wasn’t complete, so store visit results are extrapolated from available data.

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