Amart Furniture

Amart Furniture

27% Increased organic sessions
54% Increased organic transactions
49% Increased organic revenue


Amart Furniture is one of Australia’s most well-known and respected retail brands. Stocking an impressive range of indoor and outdoor furniture, they’re well-situated in their market to provide a variety of products. The Search Factory team has worked with Amart for several years across SEO, Paid Media, Content, and Data & Analytics.


When Super Amart decided to become Amart Furniture, we needed to make sure their site migration transpired smoothly. Our key objective was to ensure Amart’s organic rankings remained steady during this transition.

Thanks to our long history together, we already had a rich understanding of their site’s architecture. In theory, all the work we’d done and the outstanding results we’d produced over time had set us up to weather the storm.

However, this also meant we had a lot to lose. We needed to make sure all the domain authority and organic visibility we had built carried through to the new site. Otherwise we’d be back to square one.

In short, we needed to:

  • Maintain organic sessions
  • Retain the amount of organic transactions
  • Keep organic revenue strong during and after the migration.


Luckily, this wasn’t our first time at the rodeo. We’ve helped plenty of clients through site migrations before. Using this past experience and some meticulous tactics during the transition, we ensured the Amart website didn’t just survive through the migration – it thrived.

We started by putting together a custom-made, step-by-step site migration strategy. And this wasn’t something we put together overnight. We began working with Amart and their developers 3 months in advance to prepare for the transition, focusing on activities including:

  • 301 redirect mapping
  • Technical crawls
  • Internal linking recommendations.

Overall, we approached the domain change as an opportunity rather than a problem.


During the migration, the site saw significant organic uplifts compared to the previous year, with impressive growth in sessions (27%), transactions (54%), and revenue (49%).

We saw excellent SEO results throughout this period thanks to the migration strategy we implemented. And not only did we ensure the link equity of the old site passed on smoothly to the new site; we were also able to take its performance to a completely new level.

These impressive results have continued since the migration too. For March 2018 compared to March 2017:

  • Organic sessions are up by 34%
  • Organic transactions are up by 69%
  • Organic revenue is up by 64%.

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