Clear Dog Treats
Clear Dog Treats
142.26% Increase in organic revenue after 3 months
417.99% YoY increase in organic revenue


Clear Dog Treats are a family owned business that operate as a manufacturer and wholesaler of dog treats and foods – without any of the common nasty ingredients. Primarily, they sell direct to the consumer online (well, the consumer’s owner, that is).


All of the key targets given to us from Clear Dog Treats were related to their sales, and online revenue. So, we developed the strategy to suit.


Given there had been previous SEO completed on the Clear Dog Treats website by the owners, our process was to:

  • Complete a full SEO audit, and assess the quality of their onsite and offsite tactics
  • Understand the site’s strengths (user engagement and content) and weaknesses (onsite keyword targeting and several other technical SEO issues)
  • Implement a strategy to resolve these issues, and create greater organic visibility for Clear Dog Treats.


The results our SEO strategy achieved for our main KPIs were staggering. From our commencement in April 2017, the key highlights were:

  • A 142.26% increase in organic revenue in the first 3 months alone

Clear Dog Treats Data


  • A YoY increase in organic revenue of 417.99%

Clear Dog Treats YoY

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