Cosmetic Surgery for Women
Cosmetic Surgery for Women
218% YoY increase in organic sessions
58% Reduced organic bounce rate


Cosmetic Surgery for Women are a brand of plastic surgery professionals operating across Sydney and Melbourne. As much as they employ some of the finest in the industry, business within the market is extremely competitive.


With a range of specialists in the cosmetic surgery market, we had our work cut out for us. A goal of driving enquiries through the website was given, so we had to ensure that key pages were ranking for search terms common for people who were strongly considering getting cosmetic surgery.


Recognising the need for a full website audit, we completed this activity and identified several technical SEO issues that were holding this site back. Following on from the audit and recommendations, we embarked upon keyword research, targeting and mapping, so that we had a thorough understanding of how the website page structure was currently written. This allowed us to spot opportunities for improvement both within the site structure and the content, letting us make informed suggestions for condensing different pages and adding to the content. We also undertook a complete backlink audit, through which we identified and resolved spammy backlinks pointing to the site.


Over the campaign, we managed to:

  • Increase organic sessions by 218% from August 2015 to April 2016
  • Reduce the bounce rate of the site by 58.31%.

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