Dan Kitchens

Dan Kitchens

90% Increase in traffic
47% Increase in goal completions


Dan Kitchens has used Search Factory’s SEO service for just under 2 years. Providing customised kitchen designs to customers throughout Australia for over 30 years, Dan Kitchens offers a wealth of experience and passion.


When Dan Kitchens approached Search Factory, their website wasn’t gaining the traction they wanted due to technical obstacles. Their main goals were:

  • Increasing organic traffic to the site
  • Increasing conversions.

The main challenge we faced in achieving these objectives was a variety of technical issues that were hindering SEO. So we created a strategy that identified these issues and addressed them, one by one.


Our strategy included the following major tasks:

  • Conducting a technical audit to identify and address any potential issues that may have hindered SEO
  • Setting up tracking on their Google My Business listing to start recording data generated by this listing (enabling us to draw meaningful insights as to how many users arrive at the site through the listing and how many convert)
  • Conducting a competitors’ content gap analysis to identify performance gaps in their current content strategy
  • Developing a content strategy that aims to close these gaps

Monitoring Google Search Console on a regular basis to ensure all crawl errors are detected and addressed as early as possible.


The results were compared between a period of 3 months (a quarter) from January to March 2017 and the same period in the previous year. We found:

  • Sessions increased by 90.68% YoY
  • Goal completions increased by 47.79% YoY
  • Organic search accounted for up to 78.74% of all conversions, followed by direct and referral traffic

A piece of content we ordered and provided to Dan Kitchens saw a 101% increase in traffic YoY, ranking just after the homepage in terms of performance.

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