GO Health Clubs

GO Health Clubs

Google AdWords Google AdWords
52% increased conversions by
80% Increase In click-through rate
25% cost per conversion


GO Health Clubs comprise 3 separate fitness brands – a testament to their successful expansion and strong brand positioning. Their ‘Superclubs’ all feature an electric atmosphere and exceptional exercise equipment, along with offering hundreds of group fitness classes. GO Health Clubs’ gyms offer a welcoming atmosphere for all ages and fitness levels.


When GO Health Clubs approached us, the business had just gone through a period of fast growth, opening multiple Superclubs around the Brisbane region. Like many fitness centres, GO faced a common challenge: enquiries were slowing down while the business’s appetite for expansion grew.

GO Health Clubs engaged us to:

  • Increase conversions (monthly membership sign-ups)
  • Decrease cost per conversion
  • Increase click-through rate

Decrease cost per click.


To achieve GO’s goals, we created cost efficiencies in their paid search and display campaigns by actioning the following tactics:

  • We analysed the results achieved through GO’s previous service provider to inform the account restructure.
  • We conducted keyword research to find potentially high-value terms.
  • We formulated a new account structure and creative testing schedule.
  • We built all the search campaigns.
  • We aligned our AdWords promotions with GO’s above-the-line marketing activity.

We conducted advanced bid and budget optimisation across campaigns and keywords, including day-parting bid adjustment, device-bidding adjustments, and geographic bid adjustments.


With a careful account restructure and ongoing optimisation, our paid media team drove impressive results, including a:

  • 52% increase in enquiries and sign-ups
  • 25% decrease in cost per conversion
  • 80% increase in click-through rate
  • 22% decrease in cost per click.

GO Health Clubs has continued activity with Search Factory following this great outcome.

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