Inside Gold Coast

Inside Gold Coast

79% Increase in organic traffic


How we turbocharged organic traffic for Inside Gold Coast

Inside Gold Coast offers a complete guide to the best spots and events in the city. Providing unique insights for both locals and visitors, readers can discover new activities, restaurants. Their website features the best eateries, shopping hubs, activities, attractions and events to enjoy on the Gold Coast.


Inside Gold Coast approached Search Factory with a completely new brand and website.
Unfortunately, upon launching the new website, it wasn’t gaining the traction they had hoped for. So our sole objective was to:

  • Grow their organic traffic base quickly.

Having already built up an existing user base for their old brand / old website, there was some confusion as to why this newer, better-looking site was not seeing any growth.


Hearing that they’d recently migrated an old site, we ran an analysis on how this migration was handled and determined that this process had not been followed properly in order to transfer any existing SEO authority.

Over the next 12 months, our SEO team worked closely with the client and their developer to make tactical improvements to the site. We examined and optimised:

  • The infrastructure
  • Content
  • Keyword targeting
  • Categorisation
  • Internal linking practices

Audience engagement methods.


Thanks to these tactics, we saw consistent and drastic improvements in organic traffic over an 18-month period, with a 79% increase in the first month and a 61% increase after 6 months.

However, it was between the 6th and 18th month where our high-quality content and SEO strategy was able to show its full capability. During this period, organic traffic increased by a remarkable 377%.

This led to some exciting opportunities for Inside Gold Coast:

  • They were able to launch a clothing brand– The client is now one of the leading websites in their space and they’ve had hundreds of Gold Coast businesses register for their directory. They have even been able to launch a clothing brand off the back of this success.

  • New revenue streams – They will soon launch their new website and deploy in-site advertising, so they can open up a completely new revenue stream based off their user base.

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