MiniJumbuk (SEO)
MiniJumbuk (SEO)
76% YoY increase in organic traffic
438% Increase in organic transactions


MiniJumbuk are an online producer and wholesaler of bed linens, clothing, and plenty more. They stand aside from the competition with their local production, and high quality wool production.


We were tasked with increasing organic traffic to the website and increasing organic transactions and revenue. Operating in a competitive market, it was critical to understand what other retailers were doing – or not doing.


We devised a strategy with 4 key elements:

  1. Keyword research, targeting and mapping
  2. Onsite audit
  3. Link-building
  4. Competitor GAP analysis.

By approaching each of these methodically, we were able to help MiniJumbuk create a site optimised both for search engines and users, setting them up for significant growth.


With out strategy in place, we achieved:

  • 76.33% YoY increase in organic traffic – a direct result of our keyword research and improved rankings
  • 395.94% YoY increase in organic revenue – proof the keywords targeted were effective in reaching the right audiences
  • 438% YoY increase in organic transactions – a terrific results for both us and the client.

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