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How National Storage roared to social victory with a Richmond quiz

National Storage offers tailored self-storage solutions to people and businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand (with 130 centres and counting). They sponsor a number of sports teams through their Locker Room platform, including the Tigers (AFL), Broncos (NRL), GIANTS (Netball), and Heat and Stars (Big Bash League). We’ve worked with National Storage on Content, SEO, Paid Media, Design and Data & Analytics since 2015.


When a team your business sponsors makes it to the finals, this is a huge opportunity. You need the right content through the right channels to fully benefit.

So when the Tigers rose to glory after a 37-year hiatus, National Storage were interested in having Search Factory develop a content strategy to capitalise on the Tiger’s success.

The key aims were to:

  • Direct traffic to the National Storage website
  • Achieve the highest possible completion rate of participants reading/completing the piece of content

Have as many participants as possible complete the form to collect details.


Our in-house team of content strategists arranged an interactive quiz for the National Storage Locker Room website, to commemorate the recent finals history of the Richmond Tigers.

This interactive content piece was researched, written and developed by our in-house content writing team (who now all know more about the Tigers than they ever expected or wanted to).

Here’s an example of the questions we asked:

National Storage arranged for a prize to be won for a lucky participant:

  • A meet-and-greet with the players
  • A tour of the club
  • And the chance to kick a ball on the oval.

The piece was created to give fans the opportunity to test their knowledge, and win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to truly engage with the Richmond Tigers.
Our Facebook post played a significant role in the success of this campaign.

With smart audience profiling, we were about to maximise our reach and optimise our click-through rate.


Our quiz drove over 12,000 sessions for the National Storage website, proving you don’t need an enormous media budget to get traffic. You just need the right content at the right time.

The quality of the quiz itself is evident in the impressive completion and conversion rates it achieved, as well as the positive social engagement it had on Facebook:

  • The quiz was completed 10,300 times (completion rate of 74%).
  • This led to 4,100 competition entries(conversion rate of 40%).
  • Our social posts around the quiz received 630 social engagements(likes, loves, comments, and shares).

This success has cemented quizzes as a regular component of our content strategy for National Storage (particularly the Locker Room) moving forward.

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