Oasis Dental Studio
Oasis Dental Studio
51.34% Increase in organic traffic
183.33% Increase in goal completions


Oasis Dental Studio are a dental service based on the Gold Coast. Having invested in SEO prior, they were well aware of the impact digital marketing could make to their broader business goals.


The most relevant targets Oasis had set to contribute to their business were:

  • Increasing organic visibility
  • Improving onsite traffic
  • Increasing goal completions (via phone calls or dental appointments).


With a newly developed website, they felt they had a great practice and presentable site – but not substantial traffic. The brief was to simply engage a new SEO partner that they trust, implement a plan and build their organic presence for Gold Coast and localised search terms (for where they have practices located).

A technical audit of the website determined there were numerous fundamental SEO issues. The key issues discovered included over-optimisation of the site – such as keyword stuffing, unnatural links, and low quality content. With a carefully planned roadmap, we:

  • Rectified the issues
  • Suggested a number of new page builds and content expansion for procedural based services
  • Created numerous blog posts to amplify on social media
  • Implemented link building campaigns through strategic, relevant backlink partners to help build authority within the industry.


Within 6 months of commencing with Oasis Dental Studio, we had already seen:

  • Organic traffic increase by 51.34%
  • Goal completions increase by 18.33%.

And by 18 months, those figures had grown to:

  • A 148.49% increase to organic sessions
  • A 339.49% increase to goal completions.

Oasis Results

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