229% Increase in organic traffic
67% Increase in organic revenue


Smile are an online provider of health insurance, specifically focusing on dental services. As the business primarily operates in the digital sphere, organic visibility and conversion rates are key KPIs of their business.

THE OBJECTIVES came to us after experiencing a huge drop in SEO visibility, organic traffic & organic revenue after a site migration. We were tasked with devising an SEO strategy to help regain the lost organic traffic & revenue.

With these objectives in mind, wanted to see a significant uplift in organic traffic and keyword visibility in a 6-12 month timeframe.


The following strategic elements were employed throughout the campaign:

Search Factory conducted an intensive technical audit across the site to help identify what went wrong with the site migration. We also conducted a full google penalty audit to help determine whether the site was hit by an algorithmic update.

We used this research & data to make fixes to areas of the site that needed immediate attention, while planning a tailored SEO strategy to fix others problem areas of the site to help boost keyword rankings, organic traffic & organic revenue.


In the 10 months working across the account we have seen the following results:

  • 35% increase in organic traffic (increase of over 25,000 sessions)
  • 12% increase in organic revenue
  • 18% increase in organic transactions.

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