TAFE Queensland

TAFE Queensland

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3,800 Swipe ups on snapchat
156 Enquiries
248 Conversions on facebook


TAFE Queensland is the largest training provider in the state. They teach over 120,000 students every year. Our Paid Media team has worked with TAFE Queensland (and other TAFE branches) on several high-importance campaigns, including their Summer In-Take campaign and their Summer In-Take YouTube remarketing campaign.


TAFE Queensland engaged us to handle the social media advertising aspect of their Higher Education Campaign.

Our main objectives were to:

  • Drive awareness of TAFE’s higher education courses
  • Persuade viewers to make an enquiry or enrol
  • Achieve conversions on Facebook and SnapChat.

Along the way, we also needed to echo the messaging of TAFE’s other digital and ATL channels.


We created an integrated prospecting and retargeting campaign across:

  • Google Search
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Display.

This involved working with our Design and Content teams to create an animated Facebook carousel and an infographic.

We made sure to coordinate this activity carefully in conjunction with TAFE Queensland’s massive summer enrolment campaign so that we minimised audience overlap. This also helped us keep cost per enrolment low.

A general tactic we used to great effect was retargeting people who had recently visited degrees.tafe. We simultaneously used more tailored methods on each platform. For example, on Snapchat, we targeted appropriate creative to users with behaviours and interests relevant to each course area.


Our strategy led to an impressive 3,800 swipe ups on Snapchat, 248 Facebook conversions, and 156 enquiries.

Our clever tactics also enabled us to keep our CPC incredibly low, which meant we could generate far more awareness and engagement than we could have with a high or average CPC.

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