Travel Money Oz (Content)

Travel Money Oz (Content)

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Travel Money Oz is a national network of foreign exchange branches, with each location staffed by currency experts. They buy and sell currencies for over 60 countries around the globe, offering great rates (and no hidden extras!) for every customer. Their website features handy historical exchange rate data, heaps of travel info and inspo, and convenient currency alerts.


Travel Money Oz needed a competitive advantage in the cluttered market of foreign currency exchange. Offering a product relatively similar to their competitors, they made the decision to alter their branding, add new customer value propositions, and optimise their product offering.

The change would see their travel money card rebadged as the Currency Pass, and a lighter tone to show they’re more ‘traveller’ than ‘bank’.

The client challenged us to:

  • Rewrite 83 pages to reflect their new tone and incorporate keywords

Deliver this massive project in a 2-week turnaround.


Our in-house writing team put their project management skills to the test, balancing their usual workload alongside this epic project. By tackling the website in manageable blocks and dividing the work between team members (effectively creating niche experts on certain currencies and TMOz products), we were able to keep the deadline feasible without compromising on writing quality.


Working together, we completed all 83 pages (amounting to around 41,000 words) in 12 business days.

The client’s feedback on our content was positive. They were impressed by our ability to match the brand’s new voice seamlessly and deliver such a large quantity of work so quickly.

This project was the catalyst for Travel Money Oz continuing content work with us, involving a far greater range of our content formats including:

  • Quizzes
  • Infographics
  • Blog posts.

Having implemented the new tone across 83 of their website pages, it was a smooth transition for our team to integrate the same voice into our ongoing content.

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